Movements & Kits (Mechanical) Hermle

Movements & Kits (Mechanical) Hermle

Hermle recommend that replacing a Hermle clock movement is often quicker and more cost effective than servicing or repairing an old one. Using a new movement ensures you take full advantage of the advances in manufacturing technology. They state that their movements are ready to fit, however some lubrication may be required. Hermle guarantee new movements against mechanical malfunction for a period of two years.

Movement Required:
If you require a complete movement which is not listed below you can request a quote via our Hermle movement parts search category by searching and selecting "movement" in the Hermle PDF Diagram Number look up and then add it as a non listed item, you will need to provide the pendulum length you require in the description field.

Pendulum Length:
The Hermle pendulum length is stamped on the back of the movement, next to or underneath the calibre. The "cm" length is measured from the suspension pinning point to bottom of the pendulum tip.

Hermle state that movements with pendulum lengths 85cm or greater are no longer supplied with a low anchor bridge due to the weight of the pendulum

Deadbeat v Automatic Beat:
Automatic beat escapement movements are for narrow waste (pinch waste) grandfather/grandmother clock cases. With automatic beat the case has to be wide enough for the customer to over swing the pendulum when starting the clock. If the clock has a narrow waste it can happen that the dead beat is the only option because the dead beat does not require room for over swing.

Hermle state that movements with pendulum lengths 75cm or greater are no longer supplied with a dead beat due to the size of the pendulum.

  • Hermle Clock Movement Service Manual: Item Number H31543
  • Please see our PDF document download section for Hermle pendulum length formulas, winding hole configurations & numerous setting up trouble shooting issues
  • For Hermle part sheets, please see our website under "Clock movements & parts >> Clock parts branded >> Hermle"
  • Pendulum length identification is stamped on the movement (Pendulums are supplied separately by length, the measurement of which is stamped on the back plate, they are not supplied by calibre)
  • For hermle movement manufacture dates please see the PDF above
  • Hand shaft dimensions: Minute 2 x 2mm square, Hour Ø4.50mm
  • All Hermle movements with a low bridge are supplied with pendulum leader L9603 (apart from calibres 471 & 1171).
  • All Hermle movements with a high bridge (plus calibres 471 & 1171 which have a low bridge) are supplied with pendulum leader L9604

Movements & Kits (Mechanical) Hermle
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