Adhesives, Cements, Glues, Putty & Tapes

Adhesives, Cements, Glues, Putty & Tapes

Araldite & Other General Epoxy Adhesives:

Where each pack contains one tube of adhesive and one tube of hardener, either in separate tubes or within a combined syringe. Mix equal proportions of each tube thoroughly and it is ready to apply.

How to use:
1. Make sure surfaces are clean and free from dust, dirt and grease. For even better bonding slightly roughen surfaces with sand paper.
2. Piece tube nozzle using point in the top of the cap. Dispense equal amounts from the two tubes onto a clean disposable surface. Replace caps correctly
3. Mix thoroughly for at least 45 seconds or whatever is applicable.
4. Apply to both surfaces of the joint and assemble carefully. Keep the joint and assemble carefully. Keep the joint supported until set (a rubber band or sticky tape is ideal). Carefully remove any excess adhesive with a sharp knife before completely set.

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