Vallorbe Swiss Files:

Accuracy performance and long life are what a professional demands from a file. To be a real professional means to achieve precision within a fraction of a millimetre. At such a level precision you need an irreproachable tool a "deep hardened" file plus some more "production recipes" born from experience.

Since 1899 century of experience professionals around the world have selected this same brand. A brand of the Vallorbe group, a group which has been made the world leader by the professionals.

Precision engineering, watch making, makes of the finest jewelley, and the demanding industry and craft appreciate the efficiency the precision and long life of out tools.

Ready for efficient and long lasting use.The qualities of a tool preferred by the professional are also useful for the amateur. A high performance tool establishes and guarantees the reputation of the professional but also gives pleasure to the amateur.

The file is often considered to be a commonplace tool, but it will last for a long time and deserves to be cared for by cleaning it from time to time therefore lengthening its life.

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