Jewellery Punches, Carat, Alpha/Numeric, Shapes & Signs

Jewellery Punches, Carat, Alpha/Numeric, Shapes & Signs

Standard hand punches are the cheapest variation to manually mark letters and numbers for differentiation on metal, plastic, leather and other materials. At its simplest, the mark can be applied to jewellery, ornaments, gifts and components by striking the punch with a hammer.
Our steel stamps are made of high quality, hardened tool steel and are hardened under exact conditions (in comparison to equivalent punches on the market); leading to long durability, optimum productivity and an unbeatable cost versus performance ratio. Hand punches are available in sets of A-Z letters, 0-9 numbers and precious metal identification marks, such as 925.
  • For security purposes mark names and numbers on your tools and equipment.
  • Mark names, places and events on jewellery designs with the letter and number punches.
  • All punches mark items in the traditional ‘block style’ which is most commonly used for hallmarked jewellery associated products.
  • Precious metal punches are available in two styles the ‘Straight’ for flat pieces and ‘Bent’ (Swan Neck) for inside rings.
  • The size of a single letter or number in relation to hall mark punches are 1mm x 1mm so for example a punch saying STERLING will range from 8mm x 1mm approx.
  • Each precious metal punch has an engraved marking on the body to identify punches easily.
  • Use a rubber dapping block (code D31265) to rest your items when marking flat or shaped items. As the punch is struck the rubber dapping block will absorb the impact ensuring the stamped piece remains unmarked.
  • The Ring Punch Brass Block (code D20075) is an excellent complimentary tool to use with a bent punch when punching inside rings, please see below for more details.

Please note precious metal punches are NOT a British Assay Office Hallmark and are sold for your personal identification usage only. See the Precious Metal Information on UK Hallmarks link below and contact your local Assay Office to obtain further information on the Hall Marking Act.

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