Cutters, Burrs (Fraises) & Fly

Cutters, Burrs (Fraises) & Fly

Maillefer and Bush burrs are made in Germany & embrace exceptional quality and cutting shape edge superiority, expect only the best

  • Some of the popular style stone steel burr shapes are used for setting
  • We stock a wide variety of sizes and shapes which cater for all your stone settings needs
  • See the associated links for an excellent choice of practical stone setting books and equipment. We also recommend if you have not stone set before attend a course
  • Various courses are available around the country at various colleges and universities. Remember practice is essential to become a quality stone setter
  • Burrs are also popular for use when engraving, texturing and grinding.

Ball Burrs: the most popular steel burrs used in jewellery stone setting, with its all round shape

Bearing Cutter 90° Burrs: the angle of this burr reflects the popular cut diamonds' right angle

Bud tapered burrs: very popular for forming channel setting grooves, particularly on wedding rings.

Concave Cutter Cup Burrs: to round off end points of various sizes of metal, for example on a claw set ring.

Flame burrs: very useful to open out casting flash (a slight film of metal over a whole/crevice).

Knife Edge Cutting Burr: perfectly textures deep grooves on jewellery.

Some basic diamond terms:
  • Facet: a small surface side of a gemstone.
  • Table: the large flat top facet. It has an octagonal shape on a round brilliant diamond.
  • Crown: the upper part of the diamond above the girdle.
  • Girdle: the narrow rim around the diamond. The girdle plane is parallel to the table and is the largest diameter of any part of the stone.
  • Pavilion: the lower part of the diamond below the girdle. It has a cone shape on round diamonds.
  • Culet: the tiny facet on the pointed bottom of the pavilion, parallel to the table.

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