Gemmological Instruments

Gemmological Instruments

Gemological Instruments

Become a Gemstone Dealer, plus enjoy learning with our selection of tools for gemstone identification, whether you're buying or selling, or simply have an interest in to the world of Gemstones.
The key to avoiding costly mistakes and recognizing profitable opportunities, is to know what to look out for with a hands on approach.

Our range for Gem Identification Tools equipment and books will help you:
  • Open your eyes to the types of treatments, imitations, synthetics, look-alikes and fakes in the gem market today.
  • Learn how to tell the difference between them.

Quickly spot:
  • Synthetics, including emeralds and diamonds
  • Filed diamonds
  • Diffused “blue” sapphires and “red” rubies
  • High pressure/high temperature (H P H T) – treated diamonds
  • Discover how to identify new gems such as “mandarin” garnet red “emerald”, and North Carolina’s chromium-rich emeralds
  • Know when to seek help from a professional gemmologist or lab
  • Become more professional in your business or hobby

Please note:
Gemmological instruments tools are designed to save you time and effort. It is your responsibility to understand what the Gemmological instruments response signifies. Our range is practically more useful in telling you what a stone is NOT, then what it is. And can be helpful in narrowing down possible identifications. With experience you will know when to seek help from a professional gemmologist lab.
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