Demagnetizers, Magnets & Compasses

Demagnetizers, Magnets & Compasses

Watch Work Shop & Magnetism:

Electronic demagnetizer for watches* and precision tools. Very easy handling.
*Note: Electronic crystal watches must not be demagnetized.

The accuracy of a watch is influenced by magnetism. After servicing and cleaning a mechanic watchwork ought to be demagnetized either when still disassembled or after reassembly.

The balance coils, in particular those in older watchworks can magnetize over a prolonged period of time. Harmonious vibrating of the coil is no longer possible. The watch can no longer work accurately.

Even tools may present a source of magnetism and ought to be demagnetized before use on a watchwork.

Compasses can be used for testing whether or not an object, for example a watch, is magnetised. An object is magnetized when one end of the compass needle is attracted to the item and the other repelled.
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