Hermle 1151.050HS (High Bridge, Seconds)

Hermle 1151.050
8 day triple chime, weight driven clock movement with seconds feature
  • 8 day
  • Strike: Triple chime
  • Hammers: 12 behind
  • Plate size: 120 x 120mm
  • Anchor escapement, automatic beat
  • Length A: 33.2mm (Plate to hand nut thread, see web diagram)
  • Length B: 28.5mm (Shaft length, see web diagram)
  • Mounting depth: 180mm (tip of handshaft to back of movement)
  • Weight driven
  • Pendulum length identification is stamped on the movement (pendulums supplied separately)
  • Pendulum length in brackets
  • Supplied with chime and strike shut off (silence) lever
  • Supplied with pendulum leader (our code L9604)
Available separately:
  • 2Kg weight: HERE00502700
  • 3.3Kg weight: H38202
  • Weight shell: H38201
  • Gong: H28888
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