Gravers, Scorpers, Scrapers & Deburring

Gravers, Scorpers, Scrapers & Deburring

Tools for engraving, setting, chasing, sculpting, etc are inexpensive compared with the cost of essential tooling to practice other crafts. One is able to buy the essentials for a lifetime of manufacturing, leaving only the expense of replenishing consumables.

At Cousins Material House Ltd we distribute a full range of Swiss Vallorbe gravers and accessories for a wide variety of modern day workshop applications for manufacturing, repairing, craftwork, hobbyists and work in the fine arts.

With various industries demanding the highest quality tools, Vallorbe gravers have been the forefront market leader in this field. Used by industry experts all over the world on millions of pieces there is very little the Vallorbe Graver has not touched.

Gravers come in various shapes, sizes and metal qualities.

Metal types:
  • Tools Steel (WS) the standard graver, keeps a tough sharp edge maintaining hours of production usage.
  • High Speed Steel (HSS) this tougher graver keeps a sharp edge for a considerably longer time than normal tool steel gravers (WS).

More graver info:
Gravers can be used on a whole variety of metals or materials including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium, copper, brass, bronze, pewter, gilding metal, steel, ivory, bone, wood, plastics and aluminium.

All gravers have makings from the manufacturer which indicates the size and metal quality. HSS gravers always have a yellow paint mark on the tang of the graver; this identifies the mounting point for the handle. Additionally measure the width of the graver and compare with the graver chart below, to determine the size.

Graver handles come in different shapes and sizes, it is advisable to replace the handle with the graver to ensure optimum grip between handle and graver.

Preparing a graver:
A graver tool has to be of a certain length to suit the hand of the user. Held in working position, the end of the tool should project half to three-quarters of an inch beyond the thumb.

A graver, when brought, will be too long and will have to be shortened. If only a small reduction is required a small piece can be broken off the tang before the handle is fitted. The tang is not as hard as the rest of the tool and the broken end should be filed or grinded to a point so that it can be easily inserted into the handle.

If a graver has to be shortened considerably, the end will have to be ground off by using a double bench grinder (code B33154) and care must be taken not to over-heat the tool and “draw the temper” – that is, cause to become too soft for use as a cutting graver. During grinding the graver will become very hot, intermittently dip the graver into water to ensure the steel doesn’t overheat and become brittle. Continue this process until the shape forms a point ready to fit into a handle. One can also use a sharpening stone to shape gravers according to individual specification.

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