Beading, Stringing & Threading

Beading, Stringing & Threading

Huge range of threads, wires and cords available:

  • Elastic cord is ideal to make elastic pieces of jewellery such as bracelets, hair bands & childrens jewellery that can be slipped on
  • Leather cords have charming texture and are flexible and strong.
  • Nylon bonded thread, otherwise known as Silkon thread, is a revelation in the industry, replacing the traditional nylon and silk in many areas.
  • Nylon braided for a traditional and easily workable look.
  • Nylon monofilament for a tough and long lasting strand.
  • Nylon stretchy as an excellent alternative to stretch cord as it knots easily and keeps its memory longer.
  • Steel coated with nylon sheath
  • Silk thread, excellent for stringing pearls
  • Viscose thread in tight woven spools in various colours.

Also available is a wide selection of crimp/necklet ends, perfect for the finishing touches on your designs.

  • Give your piece an expert look, crafting with necklet ends
  • Reinforce your strands with a gimp
  • Finish your beads/stones with necklet ends
  • Fix beads into position with bead crimps
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