Movements, Quartz

Movements, Quartz

TRADE only Supply.

The largest collection of quartz clock movements in the world.

  • UTS, Seiko, Hermle, Swiza & non branded
  • Spindle lengths are measured from the movement to the tip of the shaft.
  • Euro Fitting ("EF" or "I shaft") or Non Euro Fitting ("NEF" or "Push fit") versions available

  • 24 Hour Dial Clock
  • 400 day
  • Alarm
  • Carriage Clock
  • Carriage Clock with Alarm
  • Continuous sweep seconds
  • Cuckoo
  • Hi Torque
  • Pendulum (including radio controlled versions)
  • Radio Controlled (including hi torque versions)
  • Reverse Time Keeping
  • Standard
  • Strike & Chime (including pendulum versions)
  • Tide
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