Jewellery enamelling is a great way to add colour to your creations. Jewellers who love colour in their jewellery will find cold enamelling (otherwise known as epoxy enamelling) a wonderful way to bring excitement into their work. As well as offering a vast array of finishing possibilities, enamelling protects your work, forming a barrier between the piece and the elements.

Cold enamelling is the process of applying colour to metal and then sealing it with a glass like substance. The base resin is mixed with with a coloured resin & a hardener to achieve the desired look. Casting or doming base resins are available, with the doming giving a slightly raised "domed" profile finish, whereas the cast resin cures to a flatter finish. Cast base resin should only be used with cast hardener & doming base resin should only be used with doming hardener.

Both types (cast and doming) should be mixed 2 parts base resin to 1 part hardener by weight. As an example, for 3g of coloured enamel you would need 1.9g base resin, 0.1g colour resin and 1g hardener.

For a comprehensive "guide to enamelling" as well as material safety data sheets please see the "documents" PDF icon above.

How to use:
1. Mix the base resin, colour resin and hardener well and leave for about 3 minutes
2. Meanwhile, clean the product that you are applying the colour on with a scratch brush or with a cotton cloth
3. Apply the mixed enamel colour and let it dry for 3-4 minutes
4. You can then buff to your desired finish

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