Dryers & Heating Plates

Dryers & Heating Plates

Range of different drying units for the jewellery manufacturer/watchmaker-repairer.

Hot & cold air
  • New from Elma, the Elmadry TD range
  • Hot & cold air functionality
  • The ultimate in efficiency and safety standards

Hot air
  • Fast & effective Elma machine, hot drying your clock and watch parts
  • Compact design one of the most popular units used in today‚Äôs workshops

Micro Dryer
  • Ideal for drying metal components, including jewellery
  • Removes water without marking the surface of soft metals
  • Use Maizorb as an excellent media that is non-toxic (code D8127)
  • Very low running costs

Heating plate
  • Electric warming plate for warming watch cases to test the formation of condensation in the watch
  • For use in conjunction with our Roxer Natator range (see code W12350)
  • Tip: with a change to higher temperatures, residual moisture in the watch will manifest itself as mist in the watch case. It is therefore recommended to always lay water-resistant watches on a heating plate before finally closing the case to drive off this humidity
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