Stones for Sharpening, Grinding & Finishing

Stones for Sharpening, Grinding & Finishing

View our comprehensive selection of stones, with various grades, material types and shapes, there is a stone to cater for every shaping, grinding, sharpening and polishing requirements. Typically our customers who buy these stones are jewellers, silversmiths, engravers, clock and watch makers, model makers, those in arts and crafts, badge makers, engineers, traditional sword weapons makers, gunsmiths, leatherworkers, chefs, fishermen and wood workers.

All sorts of tools can and need to be sharpened, ground or polished with various stones; gravers, screwdrivers, knives, shears, drill bits, scoring tools, tweezers, virtually anything which needs to have a razor-sharp style edge.

The coarseness of a sharpening stone is defined by its grit rating; lower rated stones are coarse and higher rated stones are smooth. Properly sharpening tools involves three steps: grinding, sharpening and polishing. Grinding shapes your tool, but will leave large imperfections and nicks using a coarse stone. Using a medium grit stone, sharpening gives a tool a sharp new edge. Finishing polishes the tool and removes any small-scale surface imperfections when using a high grit sharpening stone.

  • Arkansas stones – Ideal for sharpening your gravers. A jewellers/watchmakers favourite
  • Bench stone: Most popular for shaping and sharpening
  • Carborundom and Grindstones: Excellent grinding properties. Useful for when metal needs faster removal, also works well with taking down enamel
  • Ceramic Stones: Perfect for polishing small and unreachable areas
  • Degussit stones: High precision grinding used especially by watch makers
  • Diamond stone: Very long lasting sharpening stone for gravers, blades etc.
  • Stone jewellers/ watchmakers: An inexpensive all-rounder sharpening and polishing stone

Learning how to use a sharpening stone is integral in keeping your tools working like new. View our PDF below to see a full guide on how to use your stone to the best effect.

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