CousinsUK have a huge selection of hand cutting tools in stock for every workshop and any task. We stock numerous different types and from all over the world, from your hobbyist pair to your top end professional, we have it catered for. The types of cutters we have available offer unsurpassed cutting capacity covering a wide range of wire dimensions and types.

Cousins range of scalpels & scissors, useful for all types of work. Essential for jobbing with uses varying from cutting wax models for creating air holes during the Delft casting process, mould casting and general cutting, etching, scribing, retouching stencil layouts and paste tips.

Cutter styles and wire ends:

  • Leaving a standard rise of metal on your wire is acceptable and indeed required in some particular jewellery/component casting or manufacturing
  • Bevel cutters require more cutting force and are therefore very durable
  • They leave a large pinch on wire ends

Semi flush, bevelled cutter
  • Slight bevel edge to cut thicker wire and leads
  • A fine nip would be left in the middle after the item has been cut
  • Semi flush cutters require less force and leave a small pinch

Super flush cutter
  • A precise thin bevel which leaves a unique small nip in the middle of the item being cut
  • Super flush cutters require minimal cutting force and leave almost no pinch

Full flush cutter
  • No nip cutters, perform like two razor blades coming together
  • Full flush cutters require the least amount of force and leave no pinch on wire ends
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