Our pliers are sourced from all over the globe, our huge variety stems from manufacturers in Britain, Switzerland, Germany, America and India ensuring we provide the most suitable pliers for the individual.

Traditionally, European and American brands are considered the highest in quality, but Cousins' value range offers quality engineering at exceptional prices. Now introducing the "Cousins Swiss Style" range of pliers, these tools offer the same superb Swiss quality as other well known brands, at extremely competitive prices.

Cousins' stock of comprehensive pliers can grip, form, bend, twist and hold articles. Pliers are identified by the shape of the jaw and the type of joints at the pivot. Two main types of joint are used in ordinary pliers: the box joint and the lap joint. The box joint type is desirable as the jaws are less inclined to disjoint after heavy use.

Parallel pliers have a more complex pivoting mechanism than standard pliers. The jaws on these special type of pliers open and close whilst maintaining a constantly parallel action, giving a square vice-like grip. This is particularly useful when clamping something in the pliers, the pressure is exerted in the jaws hence minimal pressure in the handle and on the hands should be applied with exactly opposite force without slippage.

It is wise to have a selection of pliers on the bench to accommodate every type of job.

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