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27 Oct 16
H to Z + 6 Box Set
H to Z + 6 Box Set Wedding Ring Gauge Box Set - Superior Quality. 25 Individual rings, 7mm wide bands. Includes stainless steel ring stick with rubber coated handle. £39.95
26 Oct 16
The Wristwatch Handbook
The Wristwatch Handbook The Wristwatch Handbook provides the reader with a comprehensive anatomy of the mechanical wristwatch, every conceivable function and form. £50.00
25 Oct 16
Similar to the Rolex 1006
Similar to the Rolex 1006 but covers more sizes. This watch bezel re-sizing tool is designed for adjusting the size of watch bezels, reducing and enlarging as required. £950.00
24 Oct 16
Super New "High Gloss"
Super New "High Gloss" Very Vibrant Colours from the premier range: Carefully selected to add additional quality and comfort, designed to surprise £2.95
23 Oct 16
Demagnetiser, Bergeon 3321
Demagnetiser, Bergeon 3321 Switch activated. Diamagnetism active zone opening 60x35mm. Mains operation, unit dimensions 135 x 75 x 73mm £224.95
22 Oct 16
Mustang, "Super Smooth"
Mustang, "Super Smooth" Mustang Matt calf Leather with Colour Stitching, So smooth, it's impossible!!!! £3.75
21 Oct 16
Bergeon Essentiel Catalogue 2016
Bergeon Essentiel Catalogue 2016 A5 size with 430+ pages, Colour £2.95
20 Oct 16
Disc Cutter, Multishaped
Disc Cutter, Multishaped Multi shaped disc cutter: 9 shapes: Dog, tear drop, octagon, Christian cross, bird, thin heart, eye, heart & butterfly. Rockwell hardness rating 60, tool lasts longer... £119.95
19 Oct 16
Die Set (for Bezels)
Die Set (for Bezels) Bergeon 7499.A. Assortment of 13 synthetic dies, brass core thread for fitting bezels. To be used with presses G0721 (Bergeon No.5500) and G0723 (Bergeon No.6173) £152.50
18 Oct 16
Extra Large
Extra Large Bergeon Swiss Dust Cover with Tray, Ø155mm base, 150mm overall height, plastic cover with knob & plastic partitioned tray £29.95
17 Oct 16
Designed to Surprise (Std, XL & XXL)
Designed to Surprise (Std, XL & XXL) A truly "Must See" superb range of "Premier" watch straps well suited for high quality prestige timepieces, Super Orange, Royal Blue and Sports Red, fantastic !!! £3.35
16 Oct 16
Shindler Diamond Scale
Shindler Diamond Scale Only one of its kind and extremely useful, the Shindler Loupe lets you estimate a stone's weight, even if it is still mounted. £58.95
15 Oct 16
Quick Release Watch Straps
Quick Release Watch Straps incorporating the quick release spring bar in Premier carefully selected watch straps with Crocodile grain Italian luxury calf stitched leather £4.25
15 Oct 16
Quick Release Spring Bars
Quick Release Spring Bars Ideal Range Starter Box Set: 12 to 22mm (Ø1.50mm). 44 pieces in graded box, 11 sizes - 4 pieces each £19.60
14 Oct 16
Centre Seconds Clock Hand Caps
Centre Seconds Clock Hand Caps For Euroshaft fitting movements, will fit all UTS & Seiko quartz clock movements. Pack of 10 £2.50
13 Oct 16
Araldite "Ultra strong, Heavy duty"
Araldite "Ultra strong, Heavy duty" Perfect for complicated jobs which require adjustment thanks to a long working time, working time: 90 minutes, handling time: 8 hours, full strength: 14 hours £5.75
12 Oct 16
Straps with Short Lengths but Gents Sizes
Straps with Short Lengths but Gents Sizes only 170mm: Ideal for gents sized ladies watches requiring a short length or for the thinner wrist £3.10
11 Oct 16
Witschi Watch Expert IV
Witschi Watch Expert IV New Features: High capacitive touch screen, results of the 6 main testing position on screen in one glance, new interactive microphone (included)... £2,225.00
10 Oct 16
Grand Prix Rally
Grand Prix Rally "Goodwood" oil leather with white stitching Grand Prix Rally watch straps, superb quality smooth leather and stitching, sizes 20, 22 & 24mm £3.75
9 Oct 16
Watch Bezel Remover, A&F Swiss
Watch Bezel Remover, A&F Swiss For bezel diameters 38 to 45mm. In hard rubber, for removing rotating watch bezels. Held in the hand to twist and pull off the bezel. Avoids damage to the bezel. £15.95
8 Oct 16
Vallorbe Pivot File & Burnishers
Vallorbe Pivot File & Burnishers Swiss made Vallorbe: one file end for final finishing the other hardened steel burnisher for mirror finish polish. £43.50
7 Oct 16
Half Padded, Heavy Profile
Half Padded, Heavy Profile Premier Range with white stitching, smooth matt finished watch straps that are accurately stitched and formed. In sizes 20, 22, 24 & 26mm £4.15
6 Oct 16
Subsidiary Dial Watch Hands
Subsidiary Dial Watch Hands New style "C", straight with pointed end, Ø0.16 to Ø0.26mm, black, GP, red, SS & white, supplied in packs of 5 £2.25
5 Oct 16
Suction Dies and Handle
Suction Dies and Handle Upper dies in aluminium fitted with synthetic rubber rings for opening screw back watch cases. Excellent grip for opening the tightest cases. £65.85
4 Oct 16
Elmasteam 8
Elmasteam 8 Elma's latest Steam cleaners have 2 pressure ranges, 4 to 6 bar or 6 to 8 bar, adjustable in 0.5 bar steps. 5 litre capacity. On-line Video Demo available £1,565.00
4 Oct 16
Elmasteam 8
Elmasteam 8 additional model with Fixed Nozzle, Flexi Handpiece, Auto Filling & Compressed Air. A totally comprehensive piece of equipment for all needs. On-line video demo available £2,495.00
3 Oct 16
Universal Ø1.00 to Ø1.50mm Set
Universal Ø1.00 to Ø1.50mm Set Watch Strap Bars: Length 30mm thread & rivet ended to cut to required length, with stainless steel insert pin for added strength: Tubes: Ø1.00, 1.10, 1.20, 1.30 & 1.50mm £10.95
3 Oct 16
Universal Ø1.80 to Ø2.20mm
Universal Ø1.80 to Ø2.20mm Watch Strap Bars: Length 30 & 36mm thread & rivet ended to cut to required length, with stainless steel insert pin for added strength: Tubes: Ø1.80, 2.00 & 2.20mm £12.50
2 Oct 16
Park OH60 Microflame Welder
Park OH60 Microflame Welder On-Line video demonstrations. 60 Litres per hour, simple & easy to operate. Designed & assembled in the UK. Very Competitively priced. £595.00
1 Oct 16
Universal Clock Pendulum Leaders
Universal Clock Pendulum Leaders choice covers majority of Hermle calibres along with many other makes, can be adjusted to fit Various

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