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26 Sep 17
Novodiac Shock Spring Tools
Novodiac Shock Spring Tools for calibres ETA 2671, 2660, 2671, 2688 plus ETA 2801, 2824.2, 2834.2, 2836.2, from A*F Swiss & Horotec £38.95
25 Sep 17
Single Slot Clasp Assortment
Single Slot Clasp Assortment Bracelet Clasps - "Fold Over" - Single Slotted with End Piece, available in a comprehensive set of by individual sizes in stainless steel or gold plate. £43.95
24 Sep 17
Cutting Broaches, Bergeon 30046
Cutting Broaches, Bergeon 30046 A comprehensive Swiss made watchmakers set. 5 Tubes of 12 assorted. 60 cutting broaches ranging in sizes from Ø0.05mm to Ø2.75mm £119.95
24 Sep 17
When Corporatism leads to corporate failure
When Corporatism leads to corporate failure Fast approaching a 1000 downloads in a week!!! A must read....The case of the Swiss watch industry – Published 2016, By: Dr Isabelle Schluep Campo and Dr Philipp Aerni Free Download or £9.00
24 Sep 17
Swatch Appeal
Swatch Appeal against Bern Court decision.....Swatch: A Watch Company that Wastes Time? Click to read full press release Read More...
23 Sep 17
Bostik All Purpose Adhesive
Bostik All Purpose Adhesive Extra strong, quick drying, clear adhesive. Sticks a wide range of items and is ideal for general repairs and crafts. An old favourite.. £2.50
22 Sep 17
XL Pressure Bar & Rivet Set Ø1.20mm
XL Pressure Bar & Rivet Set Ø1.20mm Watch strap "Extra Long" pressure bars & rivets box set, 100 pieces, 10 Sizes: 10 pieces per size. Tube lengths 23 to 32mm £7.95
21 Sep 17
Knurled Bracelet Pins, XL
Knurled Bracelet Pins, XL Watch bracelet pins Ø1.0mm knurled at one end, lengths 22 to 36mm (extra long), replacements also available. £5.95
20 Sep 17
Watch Case Back Screws
Watch Case Back Screws Very popular already: Graded box set contains Ø1.00 to Ø1.40mm Screw Threads, 170 pieces £9.50
19 Sep 17
Silicone Watch Strap
Silicone Watch Strap Super smooth silicone rubber watch straps with centre ridge, new colours added to he range. Now available in colours: Black, Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, Red, White & Yellow £1.95
18 Sep 17
Regula Cuckoo Clock
Regula Cuckoo Clock Spare parts available, all popular chain wheels & chain wheel gears, time and alarm side, all calibres... £6.95
17 Sep 17
Ø0.05 to 2.75mm Smoothing Broaches
Ø0.05 to 2.75mm Smoothing Broaches Bergeon 30075 New Look - Swiss Made, 3 Tubes of 12 assorted smoothing broaches ranging from Ø0.05 to 2.75mm £79.95
16 Sep 17
Screw Holding Base
Screw Holding Base Bergeon New look - Save time with these handy tools which simplify the removal & fitting of metal watch bracelet links, screw type case bars or any general watch screws. £83.95
15 Sep 17
Roller Remover with Punches
Roller Remover with Punches Bergeon 30070: Watch balance roller seat fits the V slot jaws & using slight pressure on the punch the roller is removed £68.95
14 Sep 17
Twin Blade, Bergeon Swiss
Twin Blade, Bergeon Swiss Bergeon Swiss professional watchmakers case opener and knife combined. Precisely bevelled blade made by the famous "Swiss Army" knife manufacturer Wenger. £19.95
13 Sep 17
Bergeon Screwdrivers with Drum Barrel
Bergeon Screwdrivers with Drum Barrel With drum for extra purchase and screwdriver power. Ideal for watches that are submitted to shocks & vibrations such as automatic watches. £13.75
12 Sep 17
Archimedean Drill
Archimedean Drill A*F Swiss: Good quality for fine work. Spring loaded, spiral system. Steel chuck and brass handle. Chuck closing completely. £15.95
11 Sep 17
Newly added to Range
Newly added to Range Horotec 05.008 - Swiss Made - Pair of 4mm wide hand levers, varnished aluminium handles specifical for pocket watches. Delivered with 2 dial protectors Horotec 70.004. £18.75
10 Sep 17
Quartz Watch Solder
Quartz Watch Solder Ideal for electronics and circuit boards, contacts specifically for watches & clocks and other fine instruments. £3.95
9 Sep 17
Countersinks - Bergeon 1897
Countersinks - Bergeon 1897 Set of 6 Sizes: Ø1.80 to Ø5mm. For creating the semi circular half sphere shaped oil sinks in newly inserted clock bushes etc. £62.95
8 Sep 17
Etachron Tool
Etachron Tool For Removing watch balance complete Studs. Hand held tool, for removing the studs on ETAchron, Horotec 03.015 - Swiss Made £16.95
7 Sep 17
Short Bead, 6 to 24mm
Short Bead, 6 to 24mm Spring Bars, Short bead (Telescopic). Ø1.30mm, Stainless Steel, 340 pieces. Range 6 to 24mm £9.95
7 Sep 17
Universal, 10 to 40mm
Universal, 10 to 40mm Spring Bars Ø1.78mm. Universal (Telescopic), Range 10 to 40mm, Stainless Steel, Quantity 240 pieces £12.25
7 Sep 17
Universal, 10 to 26mm
Universal, 10 to 26mm Spring Bars Ø1.30 & Ø1.50mm Combined - Universal (Telescopic) Stainless Steel, Quantity 240 pieces £9.95
7 Sep 17
Double Flange, 6 to 22mm
Double Flange, 6 to 22mm Spring Bars. Double Flange, Range 6 to 22mm, Stainless Steel, Quantity 340 pieces £9.50
6 Sep 17
Cartier Generic 4 more...
Cartier Generic 4 more... new gaskets added to out range of Cartier generic case back gaskets. Cartier model & Cartier case number plus dimensions £5.95
5 Sep 17
Sellita Movements
Sellita Movements choice of 8 calibres, brand new, plus a full range of spare parts... £149.95
4 Sep 17
Dimple Textured (fine)
Dimple Textured (fine) Silicone Rubber with SS Buckles watch straps. Colours: Black with white, orange, blue & black stitching (18mm to 24mm) £2.35
4 Sep 17
Bracelet Link Style
Bracelet Link Style Rubber watch straps with SS buckles. Colours: Black, dark blue, orange & camouflage (sizes 18mm to 26mm) £2.25
3 Sep 17
Caflon Ear Care Lotion
Caflon Ear Care Lotion Now in a New Designed Retail Counter Presentation Box. For Blu or Safetec systems, 30ml bottles, 20 pieces £7.50

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