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30 May 15
Ronda Swiss
Ronda Swiss Watch Movements, widest range and choice available, simply enter your calibre and search Various
29 May 15
Swatch Style
Swatch Style Now available in Orange (14 & 17mm) as well as other favourites, black, blue, red, transparent, white & yellow £0.95
29 May 15
Breaking NEWS
Breaking NEWS £70,000 Industry Action Fund Launched...Please send your pledge to email: iaf@bwcmg.org Please Act Now
28 May 15
Instant Adhesive, Araldite Tube
Instant Adhesive, Araldite Tube 15ml, Working time 90 seconds, 4 minute handling time. Full strength after two hours, weight 55g £8.95
26 May 15
N.D Limits Rubber Watch Straps
N.D Limits Rubber Watch Straps No Decompression limits rubber diving straps now available in "Orange & Red" as well as favourites black & blue £2.65
25 May 15
Watch Bracelet Pin Remover
Watch Bracelet Pin Remover Swiss Style, includes: Pin removing punch, 6 pins: Ø0.60mm x 2, Ø0.80mm x 2 & Ø1.00mm x 2, Bracelet holding block x 2 on wooden base £7.95
24 May 15
Staking Set
Staking Set 1 Staking tool, 120 punches, tempered steel for extra strength, 20 stakes, punches are diameter Ø5mm, wooden storage box with additional storage draw, Indian Quality £155.00
23 May 15
Watch Hand Levers
Watch Hand Levers Swiss Style, 2.50mm width, Stainless steel tips with knurled handles - Excellent value £2.45
22 May 15
New Ø1.20mm (Thin)
New Ø1.20mm (Thin) Threaded Bars & Screws, 55 threaded bars & screws, lengths: 8mm to 28mm, Gold Plated (GP) - Individual sizes available £12.95
22 May 15
New Ø1.50mm
New Ø1.50mm Threaded Bars & Screws, 55 threaded bars & screws, lengths: 10mm to 30mm, Gold Plated (GP) - Individual sizes available £12.95
21 May 15
Chronoproof Printer Rolls
Chronoproof Printer Rolls for the Witschi Chronoproof waterproof tester which incorporates a built in compressor and print out results. £3.50
20 May 15
Jewellers Bench Peg
Jewellers Bench Peg A bench peg is a traditional mounter's tool to hold / rest tools and work during the making process. Large range of bench pegs and holders for the jeweller & silversmith £2.50
19 May 15
Carded Watch Straps
Carded Watch Straps now available in 22mm & 24mm sizes (12 pieces per card) also sizes from 8mm £20.75
18 May 15
Hermle Clock Parts Search
Hermle Clock Parts Search Find all parts you need with our easy to use Hermle clock parts search, see our PDF document download area for the full breakdowns of parts by calibre Various
17 May 15
Style 4
Style 4 Watch strap buckles by size £2.95
17 May 15
Style 3
Style 3 Watch strap buckles by size including black & rose gold (pink) £1.95
17 May 15
Style 5
Style 5 Watch strap buckles with Wide Tongue £1.50
17 May 15
Style 6
Style 6 Watch strap buckles "Heavy Duty" large! £2.50
16 May 15
Bergeon Auto oiler Spares
Bergeon Auto oiler Spares For the "NEW" generation Bergeon 7718 watch automatic oilers, now available needles and metal tubes & reservoirs £13.50
15 May 15
L/C Suspension Set
L/C Suspension Set Set includes: 2 end with 30mm block 145mm overall length, 1 end 120mm overall length, 1 end round 130mm overall length £2.95
14 May 15
Blue New Blue Colour added to our popular "Water Resistant" sports & leisure range of watch straps £2.45
13 May 15
Ladies 6mm
Ladies 6mm Gold Plated, Expander Bracelet, Fixed Ends - Full Mirror £3.95
12 May 15
Mini Bench Vice
Mini Bench Vice 1" Jaw, Screw On Fixed Head. Dimensions: 75 x50 x 50mm, Jaw width 22mm, Max opening 20mm, Weight 300g £3.95
11 May 15
Wax Carver Set
Wax Carver Set Set of 4 wax carvers, 4 distinct shapes, double ended tips, for removing wax for wax modelling/sculpturing ready for casting, knurled handles. £7.95
10 May 15
Head A - ETA 2890 Series
Head A - ETA 2890 Series Replacement for Bergeon 6923-T-2892, Ø10.30mm. For ETA 2890 series, including 2892, 2893, 2894, 2895, 2896 & 2897 £34.50
10 May 15
Head B - Valjoux 7750 & ETA A07 Series
Head B - Valjoux 7750 & ETA A07 Series Replacement for Bergeon 6923-T-7750, Ø7.00mm. For Valjoux 7750 & 7770, Valgrange A07111, A07161 & A07271 £39.50
9 May 15
Diamond & Gem Teweezers
Diamond & Gem Teweezers Blunt Tips with grip, Ø3.50mm (approx.), smooth tips, sliding grip, length 160mm. For all size stones, steel satin finish £1.50
8 May 15
Screw On Mandrel, Mounted
Screw On Mandrel, Mounted Wooden handle can screw onto your polishing machine mandrels. Used with a wide variety of disc abrasive polishing attachments. Ø5mm Screw, Parallel Shank. £1.50
7 May 15
Bench Brush, Nylon Bristles
Bench Brush, Nylon Bristles Very useful and economical, 11 rows, nylon bristles, bristle length 25mm, "Shoe shine" type. £2.75
6 May 15
Flush Cut (15A) Tweezers
Flush Cut (15A) Tweezers Used to cut fine coils and springs. Great for threads and wires £4.65

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