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24 Apr 17
A&F Swiss Notch Cutters
A&F Swiss Notch Cutters for watch straps. For a clean accurate cut these are beautifully finished, highly polished, stainless steel pliers with a choice of 2 cutting widths (1.5 & 3mm) £21.95
23 Apr 17
Watch Timing Printers Rolls
Watch Timing Printers Rolls Plain and self-inking available in 30mm or 36mm widths, now available in singles. £3.95
22 Apr 17
Elmamotion Pure 3
Elmamotion Pure 3 Capacity: 6 Watches: Was £750 now £195 to clear. Ideal opportunity to own a super quality Elma watch storing and rotation machine. £195.00
21 Apr 17
Full Range of Durston
Full Range of Durston Rolling mill Extension Rollers: Mini's, DRM100, 130, 150 plus D2 & D4 Various
20 Apr 17
Swiza Clock Movements
Swiza Clock Movements Swiza calibres available: 20, 21, 22, 25 & 26. Made in Switzerland £99.95
19 Apr 17
Durston Disc Cutter
Durston Disc Cutter 10 Diameters, Ø3 to Ø32mm, This is an excellent precision disc cutter. Looked after properly this tool will last a life time & possibly beyond. On Line Video Available £174.95
18 Apr 17
Xuron 487 (Chisel Nose) Pliers
Xuron 487 (Chisel Nose) Pliers 45° angled tips allow more surface area of the pliers on the ring, better grip & eliminates interference of the pliers tips with the open working space of the jump ring £9.95
17 Apr 17
Watch Mainspring Winder
Watch Mainspring Winder Bergeon 5355: Assortment of 7 right hand mainspring winders & 7 left hand arbors for mainsprings. Popular seller now available in Bergeon's NEW black ash style wooden box £429.95
16 Apr 17
Hand Levers by "Petitpierre"
Hand Levers by "Petitpierre" from Bergeon (30018-1) Swiss Made. Hardened steel with notch to make easier the positioning. Mirror finished tips (2.5mm width) anodized aluminum handles. £114.95
15 Apr 17
Bergeon 5285B Staking Tool
Bergeon 5285B Staking Tool 50 punches, 10 stakes. Staking tool frame in the new Bergeon Black Ash style Wooden box. £359.95
14 Apr 17
Exopy Mineral Glass Adhesive
Exopy Mineral Glass Adhesive Loctite 3430 A&B (A = Resin / B = Hardener) 24ml Twin Tube Syringe. Comes with Plunger,Blank Cap & 2 Nozzles, Ultra Clear, Water Resistant. Fixture Time 12 Minutes £9.95
13 Apr 17
Our Very popular Verona
Our Very popular Verona Watch Straps are now also available in NAVY Blue, a favourite range with customers, navy blue is also available in sizes 12, 14, 16 18, 20 & 22mm £3.75
12 Apr 17
Tube Key, Omega Seamaster
Tube Key, Omega Seamaster Horotec 8 sided key for crown tubes for Omega seamaster. Based on Omega tool 5100356, case number 177.0519. Necessary for the re-fitting of the threaded pendant tubes £14.95
11 Apr 17
Skagen Bracelets
Skagen Bracelets Genuine Skagen Bracelets by size & watch model number (bracelet colour)
11 Apr 17
Skagen Watch Straps
Skagen Watch Straps Genuine Skagen watch straps by size, watch model number & strap colour £27.95
10 Apr 17
Riffler File Sets of 6
Riffler File Sets of 6 Vallorbe - Swiss Made - Invest in the Best - Rifflers are for working surfaces and contours which are hard to access. £143.95
8 Apr 17
Watch Case Back Screws
Watch Case Back Screws Very large selection of watch case back screws (sets & individually by size) for all general case backs, Casio, Cartier, Rolex plus also for Swiss & most high end watches Various
7 Apr 17
Lubeta V106
Lubeta V106 From ETA, especially designed for the lubrication of ball bearings. Also available V105 for the lubrication of reversing wheels. £9.95
6 Apr 17
"Super Cut"
"Super Cut" A*F Swiss. Range of concave cup cutters with coarse serrations, also known as "S Cut". To round off end points of various sizes of metal, for example on a claw setting. £1.75
5 Apr 17
Hot & Cold Air Dryers
Hot & Cold Air Dryers New from Elma, "Hot & Cold" air dryers in one. Available in 3 different sizes. Ultrasonic baskets can be used "in" the dryers. £299.95
4 Apr 17
Ø100 x 20mm Diamond Wheel
Ø100 x 20mm Diamond Wheel Cousins diamond impregnated wheels, impressive tooling at a value price. Electroplated diamond particles are the ultimate material for all metal cutting, removing, and... £4.95
3 Apr 17
Eyeglasses with Headband
Eyeglasses with Headband Available in 2 strengths (5x & 10x). Comfortable plastic body, headband consists of high tension wire with a plastic coating for extra comfort. Mineral glass lens. £2.25
2 Apr 17
Synthetic Perlon Clock Line
Synthetic Perlon Clock Line Already a best seller and now even better value, priced reduced with further quantity discounts. Gut Coloured Perlon Monofilament, diameter Ø1.40mm £2.85
1 Apr 17
Pig Tail Tapered Spindle
Pig Tail Tapered Spindle Pig Tails are a great attachment to mount on any DIY house hold drill. Mount on a large selection of mops and abrasives to grind, smooth and polish pieces £3.95
31 Mar 17
Universal Stand for Ring Sticks
Universal Stand for Ring Sticks Base and holder for ceramic & graphite ring sticks. Heavy cast base with rubber bottom for extra stability. 360° double ball joint manoeuvrability. £6.95
30 Mar 17
4 Sizes (3 to 18L)
4 Sizes (3 to 18L) Brand new Elmasonic xtra TT tank range. Powerful table top units in a class of their own. Designed for heavy duty use and applications. £815.00
29 Mar 17
Urethane Bench Pad
Urethane Bench Pad Excellent for use with disc cutters, dapping and forming tools. Noise reduction & bench protection. 150 x 150 x 3mm £12.95
28 Mar 17
"AM" Tweezers, Dumont Swiss
"AM" Tweezers, Dumont Swiss Super quality watchmaking brass "Dumont Swiss" Tweezers. 100% anti-magnetic and is widely used for handling delicate components. Invest in the best. £36.75
27 Mar 17
Diamond Balance Scales
Diamond Balance Scales Impress your customers with this traditional balance. Beautiful polished wooden box. Range 1/100 to 50 carats, 100 carat capacity £49.95
26 Mar 17
10 piece Screwdrivers set
10 piece Screwdrivers set Bergeon 30081-A10, First quality, chrome plated 10 piece Screwdrivers set in a new black wood case. Sizes: Ø0.50 to Ø3.00mm. With 2 spare blades each size £99.95

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