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1 Dec 15
Ladies Lengths (Gents Sizes)
Ladies Lengths (Gents Sizes) Ideal for gents sized ladies or children's watches requiring a short length or just for the thinner wrist. Super range of straps from the Cousins Premier Range £3.10
30 Nov 15
Very Popular 18mm to 22mm
Very Popular 18mm to 22mm Watch bracelets supplied with multiple fittings (curved & straight ends) in Rose Gold (pink), Black, SS, GP & 2T. £7.95
29 Nov 15
Real & Fake Watches
Real & Fake Watches How can you tell a fake watch from a real one? Where are fakes made? What grades of quality can one find among so-called "replicas"? How can.... £15.99
28 Nov 15
Maxima Micromotor & Handpiece
Maxima Micromotor & Handpiece 0-35,000 Rpm, Variable speed, Ø2.35mm fitting, reversible, silent smooth professional design handpiece £395.00
27 Nov 15
Multi Shaped Professional Forming Set
Multi Shaped Professional Forming Set Smooth wood finish. Includes a wooden storage stand marked with all the sizes. Set comprises of perfectly shaped bars which fit precisely into the swage cube £18.95
26 Nov 15
Budget Abrasive Wheels
Budget Abrasive Wheels Super Value, compressed material. Aluminium oxide for matt or satin finishing on most metals. Also for deburring and de-oxidisation. Use dry, no compounds needed £0.25
25 Nov 15
Cousins 2016 Catalogue
Cousins 2016 Catalogue Its back again, the new, updated 2016 version of the Cousins catalogue. Get your free copy now!
25 Nov 15
Value Range
Value Range Ball Pein Hammers in sizes 1oz, 2oz & 4oz, for flattening, shaping or removing dents, constructed with forged steel heads and hardwood handles. £2.45
24 Nov 15
Pin Vice Ø0.00mm to Ø1.00mm
Pin Vice Ø0.00mm to Ø1.00mm Single ended, knurled wooden handle, Length 10cm. French type pin vice with round head. Ø4.50mm body £3.95
23 Nov 15
Plier Forming Set
Plier Forming Set Very useful inexpensive set, contains: Bend forming - Round & flat jaw, Half round & flat jaw, Curve forming, Ring shaping £9.95
22 Nov 15
Lubeta V105
Lubeta V105 Especially designed for the lubrication of reversing wheels, specifically designed and manufactured by ETA Switzerland (Restricted) 19.45
21 Nov 15
Wristwatch Annual 2016
Wristwatch Annual 2016 The latest version, with the earliest release date, at the cheapest price. In stock now! £19.83
20 Nov 15
15x Eyeglass with LED
15x Eyeglass with LED General purpose, inexpensive to replace if lost or damaged with white LED light, Ø20mm lens £2.95
19 Nov 15
Dapping Block "XL"
Dapping Block "XL" Wooden, prevents scratches and marks to softer metals, 2 Extra large (XL) concave domes, Ø135mm, 4 half round grooves: Ø15, 18, 20 & 25mm £15.95
18 Nov 15
Riveting Hammers
Riveting Hammers for everyday use in a watchmakers or jewellers workshop. Hardwood hammers with quality steel heads offer a chisel-shaped end for riveting with a square flat end for... £2.95
17 Nov 15
File, Graver & Broach Handle
File, Graver & Broach Handle Straight, plastic, comfy handle, 100mm long, Ø25mm. With threaded hole for extra grip, unbreakable £1.95
17 Nov 15
100mm Long, 25mm Wide
100mm Long, 25mm Wide Straight, plastic, comfy handle, 100mm long, 30mm wide, 25mm deep, unbreakable £0.95
16 Nov 15
Gravers Set
Gravers Set Set of 6, most popular flat edge shape with wooden handles, stainless steel, contains: Flat edge, 0.10mm, 0.20mm (x2), 0.30mm, 0.40mm, & 0.50mm £9.95
15 Nov 15
Tweezer Set, Epoxy coated
Tweezer Set, Epoxy coated They come in a convenient storage pouch for easy access and organization, black epoxy coated stainless steel No.OO, 2A, 3C, 5, 7 & SS £5.95
14 Nov 15
Dis-assembly/Assembly Trays
Dis-assembly/Assembly Trays The very popular stackable plastic compartment trays with stackable lids for watch disassembly & assembly. Choice of colours and fittings & foam inserts. £2.75
13 Nov 15
N.A.T.O Leather
N.A.T.O Leather watch straps "heavy duty", avaialble in black & mid brown with satin buckles £4.50
13 Nov 15
N.A.T.O Leather
N.A.T.O Leather watch straps with oil treated calf leather, avaialble in black & mid brown with stainless steeel buckles £3.95
12 Nov 15
Crosshead Screwdrivers
Crosshead Screwdrivers A*F Swiss, colour coded, Sizes: Ø1.20mm, Ø1.50mm, Ø2.00mm, Ø2.50mm, Ø3.00mm, available individually. £4.95
11 Nov 15
Female Allen (HEX) Keys
Female Allen (HEX) Keys available individually or as a set. A*F Swiss, chromed handle with knurled grip with hole for tommy bar Ø3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 & 5.0mm £5.95
10 Nov 15
Standard & Wide Slots
Standard & Wide Slots Watch Bracelet Holding Block. A*F Swiss, round base, Ø50mm, mixture of standard & wide slots £21.95
9 Nov 15
Valjoux 7750 & 7753 Movement Holder
Valjoux 7750 & 7753 Movement Holder A*F Swiss, specifically for calibres Valjoux 7750 & 7753, 4 Pushers, metal body £85.95
8 Nov 15
U.V. (Ultraviolet) Adhesive
U.V. (Ultraviolet) Adhesive Sternkreuz Minecol 224, UV Cure for mineral & sapphire watch glasses. Sets rapidly under UV light, use L9742 curing lamp, 2ml Syringe. Supplied with spare needle. £10.95
7 Nov 15
Case Knife, Double Blade (Victorinox Swiss)
Case Knife, Double Blade (Victorinox Swiss) New style Cousins Swiss case knife, thicker, chunky handle for better grip, Swiss Made, Cousins twin bladed case opener, includes Swiss army style tweezers & pick £13.50
6 Nov 15
Bergeon 7744
Bergeon 7744 Watch Bracelet Adjusting Tool. Ergonomic, professional style, to drive out bracelet pins complete with accessories with enough space to enable the ejection of the pins. £48.95
5 Nov 15
Bergeon 8899 Antimagnetic Blades
Bergeon 8899 Antimagnetic Blades Sizes Ø0.50 to Ø3.00mm. The Bergeon Swiss 100% anti-magnetic blades are made from a super alloy know as declafor. This material is softer than... £5.50

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