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20 Apr 18
Battery Insulators Assorted
Battery Insulators Assorted Battery Insulators Assorted. To suit most quartz watch movements, 100 pieces. Eufor Swiss £19.95
19 Apr 18
Miyota 2035
Miyota 2035 the best selling watch movement of all time, now available "hands" with pocket watch lengths. £2.95
18 Apr 18
Cartier Pasha Bar & Screws
Cartier Pasha Bar & Screws Generic now available in Gold Plated. all sizes from 16mm to 22mm. Also available in stainless steel. £3.95
17 Apr 18
3M Abrasive Lapping Film
3M Abrasive Lapping Film New grades now available from 0.3mic to 30mic. Imperial lapping film is the premium, precision abrasive for producing a super fine, super consistent finish. £2.15
16 Apr 18
Horotec Protection Liquid
Horotec Protection Liquid Apply to any area of jewellery, watch case or any metal (precious or not) that you wish to protect from polishing, engraving etc £14.95
15 Apr 18
Fixed Blade, Bergeon 4932
Fixed Blade, Bergeon 4932 Bergeon Swiss professional watchmakers case knife. Precisely beveled blade made by the famous "Swiss Army" knife manufacturer Wenger. £16.95
14 Apr 18
Rubber Sports & Leisure
Rubber Sports & Leisure watch straps. Smooth with Centre Ridge. Sizes available: 18 to 30mm. Polished Stainless Steel (SS) Buckles. Colours: Black, Blue, Orange, Red & White £1.50
14 Apr 18
Rubber, Sports & Leisure
Rubber, Sports & Leisure Bracelet link Style Watch straps. Sizes available: 18, 20, 22, 24 & 26mm. Stainless steel buckles. Colours: Black, dark blue, orange & camouflage. £1.50
13 Apr 18
Eclipse Style Pin Vice Set
Eclipse Style Pin Vice Set Pack of 4 - Eclipse Style. Hollow body & holes in both ends, any length material can be held. Ø0 to Ø1.00mm & Ø0.75 to Ø1.50mm & Ø1.25 to Ø3.00mm & Ø2.75 to Ø5.00mm £4.95
12 Apr 18
Watch Strap Keepers
Watch Strap Keepers Ideal time saving packs. For a quick solution instead of a complete strap replacement. Black, blue, brown & white. £4.95
11 Apr 18
Molykote DX Grease
Molykote DX Grease Lithium Grease - Molykote DX. A white consistent paste made of lithium grease for assembly and long term lubrication of metallic components. Recommended by ETA. £11.75
11 Apr 18
Molykote 111 Grease
Molykote 111 Grease Silicon Grease - Molykote 111. Excellent water resistance, even in sea water. Good resistance to most chemical products. Useful in stopping crown and tube gaskets.... £17.50
10 Apr 18
Ø0.20 to Ø6.00mm
Ø0.20 to Ø6.00mm Dormer Sheffield England. HSS - High Speed Steel. High quality. Good self centring capability £2.45
9 Apr 18
Rubber Alligator Grain
Rubber Alligator Grain Rubber watch straps, same colour & coloured stitching, no animal trace. Perfect alternative to genuine animal straps, stainless steel buckles £1.50
9 Apr 18
Half Padded Elegance
Half Padded Elegance Calf, smooth grain watch straps. Elegance with Semi Shine, 4mm Taper with Self Coloured Stitching. From 12mm to 22mm £3.75
8 Apr 18
Wire Diameter Gauge, Faithfull Tools
Wire Diameter Gauge, Faithfull Tools Metric sizes from 0.19mm to 7.62mm as well as one imperial side. SWG wire gauge numbers 1 to 36, weight: 50g £14.95
8 Apr 18
Depth Gauge with Protractor
Depth Gauge with Protractor Blade Length 150mm (6”). Graduations: 0.5mm or 64ths, weight: 90g £7.95
8 Apr 18
150mm Adjustable Spanner
150mm Adjustable Spanner Soft Grip Adjustable Wrench 150mm (6") "I” section construction. Drop forged. 25mm jaw capacity. Moulded handle. £4.95
7 Apr 18
Screwdown Crowns, Complete Box Set
Screwdown Crowns, Complete Box Set Made in Italy - Screwdown Waterproof - 80 pieces each Crowns - Tubes - Tube Gaskets. Tap Size 9, Diameters: Ø3.50 to 8.00mm (11 diameters) £295.00
6 Apr 18
Ceramic Cones
Ceramic Cones Pre-polish ceramic tumbling media. Cone (pyramid) shape. Durable and highly versatile. 1Kg £23.95
6 Apr 18
Ceramic Pins
Ceramic Pins Pre-polish ceramic tumbling media. Pin shape. Better for use with more intricate designs, can reach areas that the cones cannot £18.95
5 Apr 18
Glass Cutter, Toyo Japan
Glass Cutter, Toyo Japan The Toyo original super cutter is among the best in the industry. A precision-ground carbide cutting wheel. Cuts glass 2mm to 10mm thick £14.95
4 Apr 18
Omega PW5274 Generic
Omega PW5274 Generic Glass, Black Ring. Overall diameter Ø31.12mm. Height 4.10mm. For case numbers 175.0032 & 175.0033 this is the front glass £12.95
3 Apr 18
The Cousins "Oblique" End Cutter Range
The Cousins "Oblique" End Cutter Range Cousins Swiss Style - Superb Swiss quality pliers - Metal, PVC coated or smart grip handles - Lengths 115 to 150mm. £11.95
3 Apr 18
Federal Supreme Court Rules
Federal Supreme Court Rules the Swiss Federal Supreme Court has described this case as “exceptional”.... Click - Read More...
2 Apr 18
Super Bright Spotlight Torch with Base
Super Bright Spotlight Torch with Base With an optical lens and olive reflector in front, plus an Osram 5.2/0.5a halogen light bulb, this super torch can concentrate its spotlight & give out the light with... £9.95
1 Apr 18
Tag Heuer Pendant Tubes
Tag Heuer Pendant Tubes New Size: Ø2.60mm Crown Tube Diameter, Ø2.20mm Case Tube Diameter, Overall Length 5.85mm. Swiss Made £5.95
31 Mar 18
MTG 9900A Testing System
MTG 9900A Testing System Timegrapher MTG9900A with touch screen includes automatic microphone & automatic heat sensitive printer. Amplitude, beat error, co-axial, super alternative to Swiss.... £995.00
30 Mar 18
Depth Gauge Set for Verniers
Depth Gauge Set for Verniers Bergeon Swiss - Attaches to a vernier gauge to easily measure depths, acts as a measuring probe (set of 6 probes). £81.95
29 Mar 18
EVE Polishers
EVE Polishers "New" shape, Radial Bristle Wheels in Ø14mm & Ø17mm. Mounted on a Ø2.35mm shank. Available in grades blue, grey, brown, green & light green. £1.75

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