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27 Feb 17
Diamond Fly Wheels
Diamond Fly Wheels Create beautiful designs on jewellery, especially charms, bangles, earrings etc. Made for the professional craftsman to produce bright facets, backgrounds, cuts for..... £48.95
26 Feb 17
Diamond Sharpening Lap Stone
Diamond Sharpening Lap Stone This is a continuous monocrystalline diamond surface sharpener, preferred when sharpening small-pointed tools. A market leader for over 30 years £27.60
25 Feb 17
Araldite Rapid Adhesive
Araldite Rapid Adhesive 24ml Syringe, rapid setting in around 15 minutes. At least an hour before rough handling. Weight 74g £5.40
24 Feb 17
Paper Clock Dials
Paper Clock Dials New designs and sizes, Ansonia, Fancy, Roman, Arabic, Seikosha, Seth Thomas, competitively price and a super range... £4.50
23 Feb 17
Heavy Duty Finger Cots
Heavy Duty Finger Cots Made from rubber, heavy duty & powder free. Available in small, medium, large & extra large. 12 pieces per pack £1.95
22 Feb 17
Vallorbe Swiss Vul-Crylic Files
Vallorbe Swiss Vul-Crylic Files Swiss made double ended, half round file to be used with wax, wood, plastic. Excellent quality, features two sides, medium and coarse. Has little or no clogging. £24.50
22 Feb 17
Free Delivery
Free Delivery Cousins "Original & Best" Free Carriage* When you buy 4 or more gallons of cleaning Fluid etc. (include as many others items also for free carriage!) FREE
21 Feb 17
Chunky Grip Side Cutters
Chunky Grip Side Cutters High quality carbon steel, spring loaded sleeved arms. Lap joint for better leverage with chunky, American style grip. Length 115mm £3.95
21 Feb 17
Chunky Grip Bent Nose Pliers
Chunky Grip Bent Nose Pliers High quality carbon steel, spring loaded sleeved arms. Lap joint for better leverage, chunky, American style grip. Length 130mm. £3.95
21 Feb 17
Chunky Grip Top cutters
Chunky Grip Top cutters High quality carbon steel, spring loaded sleeved arms. Lap joint for better leverage, chunky, American style grip. Jaw Width 12mm, length 100mm £3.95
20 Feb 17
Delrin Dapping Punches
Delrin Dapping Punches Ø6mm to Ø28mm Punch Set of 8 pieces. Inexpensive & lightweight £10.95
19 Feb 17
3Kg Capacity Crucible
3Kg Capacity Crucible Machined solid graphite generic crucible. Other sizes available 1 & 2kg. £12.50
18 Feb 17
Beading/Grainer Tool Set of 16
Beading/Grainer Tool Set of 16 Bead Patterning for producing a sphere/ball shape final finish to the end of the grain setting & also for creating decorative miniature ball patterns & wire end rounding £6.95
17 Feb 17
Screwdriver, Extra Grip (with Crosshead)
Screwdriver, Extra Grip (with Crosshead) Ideal for extra purchase for screwing power increase. Rotating head for ease of use. Cross-head (Ø2mm) & straight (1.5mm) reversible blade, Ø12mm thick with rubber grips. £1.85
16 Feb 17
StudioFLUX Bench Clamp
StudioFLUX Bench Clamp Overall Length 115mm, Width 100mm. Supplied with G clamp. Holes with slots to file smaller items. Half round and "V" shapes to aid filing £9.95
15 Feb 17
Watch Strap Clamps
Watch Strap Clamps Clamps the open ended straps in place to allow the adhesive to set. An essential addition to your toolbox. Pack*2 £3.95
14 Feb 17
Needle File Set, A*F Swiss
Needle File Set, A*F Swiss A*F Swiss, 140mm length - Popular shapes - Medium cut - a very useful, good quality, reasonable price set of needle files. £11.50
13 Feb 17
Casio G Shock
Casio G Shock Case back screws, choice of 4 different size screws, a must have for any work shop or retail environment £2.95
12 Feb 17
You Tube Videos
You Tube Videos view our new library of on line videos, demonstrating all the tools and equipment to help you decide before you purchase.
11 Feb 17
Durston Rolling Mills
Durston Rolling Mills See our extensive range of top quality Durston rolling mills including the new "AGILE C130" & "AGILE F130" all in stock
10 Feb 17
9ct Rose Gold
9ct Rose Gold Split rings now available in 9ct rose gold as well as 9ct yellow gold and silver. Sizes Ø5 to 9mm £3.29
9 Feb 17
Universal Case Opening Bits
Universal Case Opening Bits Replacement tool bits for universal case opening tools, Bergeon Swiss, Horotec Swiss & Swiss Style (including elongated) Various
8 Feb 17
Oiler Set, Bergeon 6885.CB
Oiler Set, Bergeon 6885.CB Swiss Made - 5 oilers, 5 oil cups & 5 pith wood buttons, glass oil wells, synthetic oil cups on a rotating base. Supplied in wooden case £159.95
7 Feb 17
Orange Dialux
Orange Dialux Premium Polish: Excellent compound for removal of deep pit holes. Great to take marks out of hard ferrous metals such as stainless steel £2.65
7 Feb 17
Black Dialux
Black Dialux Premium Polish: Formulated especially for professional goldsmiths and silversmiths. Use as a final polish; recommended for silver. £2.50
6 Feb 17
Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten Carbide A*F Swiss. Heavy duty end cutter with tungsten carbide cutting edges. Ideal for cutting hard metal such as watch winding stems etc. £29.95
5 Feb 17
Hand Fitting Tool Set
Hand Fitting Tool Set Bergeon 7404, Set of 3, Recommended for Quartz Watches, make hand fitting easy, with maximum control and accuracy. £32.95
3 Feb 17
10 Compartment Parts Box
10 Compartment Parts Box For spare parts, beads or any small items, 10 Sections with a hinged lid. Dimensions: 130 x 70 x 20mm. Soon to be a best seller. £1.50
2 Feb 17
Extended Sizes
Extended Sizes New individual spring bar lengths now available in Ø1.78mm, from 24mm to 34mm, ideal for heavy style sports watches £0.95
1 Feb 17
Cartier Pasha Style
Cartier Pasha Style Bar & Screws fittings, available in sizes 16 to 22mm £2.75

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