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24 Mar 17
Carat Gauge
Carat Gauge Diamond Metal Sizing Plate. Compact, 55mm width woth a polished finish. 17 carat sizes. £2.95
23 Mar 17
Shaped Tips Set
Shaped Tips Set Shaped ends to hold a variety of shaped objects. Stainless steel, insulated & heat resistant with fibre grips. Set of 3 Tweezers. £3.95
22 Mar 17
All Watch Mainsprings "by List"
All Watch Mainsprings "by List" Our "NEW" presentation, over 2000 sizes stocked, no one else has a larger stock. Generale Ressorts Swiss Made watch & pocket watch mainsprings. Various
21 Mar 17
Crucible Holder, Indian
Crucible Holder, Indian End prongs width 80mm. Overall length 380mm. Easy pick up and pour into your ingots/ casting sand while melting. Wooden handle fitted for heat hand protection £5.95
20 Mar 17
Pendulum Regulating Nuts
Pendulum Regulating Nuts "UNBEATABLE VALUE" Brass for pendulum clocks. 5 Nuts & 5 Guide Pieces, 3 Different Sizes. Pack of 10 £4.95
19 Mar 17
Vitalbond Superglue
Vitalbond Superglue High strength, Cyanoacrylate, Cures in seconds. Bonds rubber, plastics, metal, balsa wood, leather, ceramics, stone, glass and paper. £3.30
18 Mar 17
Rodico (Traditional) Bergeon
Rodico (Traditional) Bergeon Rodico the ultimate best selling cleaning putty is a must for the watchmaker/repairer and one should never run out. £3.45
17 Mar 17
Zodiac Punches
Zodiac Punches Precision machine manufactured. Stainless steel set of punches. All signs of the Zodiac £74.95
16 Mar 17
Sowar Prima Case Openers
Sowar Prima Case Openers Sowar Prima case openers. Set of 8 case openers. Steel £9.95
15 Mar 17
Watch Hand Fitting Press
Watch Hand Fitting Press High precision hand fitting tool, 3 posts make for quick, easy and accurate hand fitting. Post height is adjustable with spring loaded press action on rotating stand £55.95
14 Mar 17
Ø125mm Solder Stand
Ø125mm Solder Stand 40mm High. Revolving solder stand which can be mounted to bench. Rimmed edge prevents work rolling of table. £29.95
14 Mar 17
12 Piece Wax Carving Tool Kit
12 Piece Wax Carving Tool Kit Professional wax carvers/jewellers tool kit. Supplied in a nylon pouch with 12 different tools. Great portable tool kit. £38.95
13 Mar 17
Bracelet Adjusting Kit
Bracelet Adjusting Kit Kit contains: Wooden bracelet holding block, pin removing punches: Ø0.80mm & Ø1.00mm, 4 replacement pins: 2 x Ø0.80mm & 2 x Ø1.00mm & Small ball pein hammer £6.95
12 Mar 17
Multishape dapping block
Multishape dapping block 4 shapes: Teardrop, round, oval & heart. Supplied with punch. Block: 130 x 50 x 50mm £10.95
11 Mar 17
Screwdrivers in Wooden Case
Screwdrivers in Wooden Case Magnetic catch. 6 sizes: Ø1.00, 1.20, 1.40, 1.60, 2.00 & 2.30mm, knurled handles & screw collet fitting for blades £6.95
10 Mar 17
Stone Setters Tool Kit
Stone Setters Tool Kit Professional stone setters tool kit. Supplied in a nylon zip lock wallet with 13 different tools. Great portable tool kit. £37.95
9 Mar 17
Swiss Universal Spring Bars
Swiss Universal Spring Bars Now available in packs of 10 with additional quantity discount. Top quality ISO Swiss spring bars in sizes 8-10mm, 9-12mm, 10-14mm, 12-17mm, 13-16mm, 15-21mm & 18-24mm £2.25
8 Mar 17
Precision Scalpel with Comfort Grip
Precision Scalpel with Comfort Grip This kit is essential for jobbing, its uses vary from cutting in wax models, creating air holes during the delft casting process, etching, scribing, retouching stencil... £3.15
7 Mar 17
Rolex Generic Crowns, Tubes & Gaskets Set
Rolex Generic Crowns, Tubes & Gaskets Set Bubble, Daytona & Twinlock crowns all supplied with matching tubes & gaskets £26.95
6 Mar 17
Case Back Dies (Screw On) Rectangular
Case Back Dies (Screw On) Rectangular Horotec 06.530 Set of 6, varying size rectangular dies for fitting snap-on case backs or rectangular glasses. Compatible with all Horotec screw on die presses £38.25
5 Mar 17
Pocket Size Multi Purpose Oiler
Pocket Size Multi Purpose Oiler Accurate Pin Point Deployment. Contains light weight oil with rust inhibitors, just squeeze to set the right amount. For clocks & jewellers hand-pieces plus much more £2.50
4 Mar 17
Polywatch Polish, Tube or Box
Polywatch Polish, Tube or Box Best Selling scratch removal polish for acrylic watch glasses. Ideal to sell direct to Consumers. Available in a single tube or a retail display pack of 24 tubes £2.95
3 Mar 17
Piercing Saw Blade Stand
Piercing Saw Blade Stand Keeps your piercing saw blades organised and easy to access. With markings for easy identification, swivel wooden base. Ø95mm base. Overall height 120mm £8.95
2 Mar 17
Jewel Holes & Endstones
Jewel Holes & Endstones Excellent assortment for any movements with missing or requiring replacement jewels. Wristwatch end stones, jewel holes. Assorted 1000 pieces. "Great UNBEATABLE Value" £8.95
1 Mar 17
Rolex Tropic Style
Rolex Tropic Style Rubber straps, Sizes available: 18, 20, 22 & 24mm. Silicone Smooth Rubber. Rolex Tropic Generic £2.50
28 Feb 17
You Tube Videos
You Tube Videos view our new library of on line videos, demonstrating all the tools and equipment to help you decide before you purchase.
27 Feb 17
Diamond Fly Wheels
Diamond Fly Wheels Create beautiful designs on jewellery, especially charms, bangles, earrings etc. Made for the professional craftsman to produce bright facets, backgrounds, cuts for..... £48.95
26 Feb 17
Diamond Sharpening Lap Stone
Diamond Sharpening Lap Stone This is a continuous monocrystalline diamond surface sharpener, preferred when sharpening small-pointed tools. A market leader for over 30 years £27.60
25 Feb 17
Araldite Rapid Adhesive
Araldite Rapid Adhesive 24ml Syringe, rapid setting in around 15 minutes. At least an hour before rough handling. Weight 74g £5.40
24 Feb 17
Paper Clock Dials
Paper Clock Dials New designs and sizes, Ansonia, Fancy, Roman, Arabic, Seikosha, Seth Thomas, competitively price and a super range... £4.50

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