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25 May 16
Grand Prix Rally
Grand Prix Rally Brand New range in buffalo grain, super quality calf leather, beautifully stitched £4.65
25 May 16
Grand Prix Rally
Grand Prix Rally Brand New range in buffalo grain, super quality calf leather with off white stitching, super compliment to the range. £4.65
24 May 16
Horotec "All Purpose" Tool
Horotec "All Purpose" Tool "Professional". Ø160mm large ergonomic top wheel for ease of opening and closing screw on case backs. Can open up to Ø65mm case backs £430.00
23 May 16
Horotec Swiss
Horotec Swiss Watch case back & glass fitting press. Lever can be lowered to desired level, locked into place and then the screw on press can take over for more delicate jobs £275.00
22 May 16
Watch Bracelet End Piece Set
Watch Bracelet End Piece Set Watch bracelet end piece kit. 36 pairs of the most popular end pieces. Contains steel, gold colour and bi-colour £16.95
21 May 16
Military Timepieces, Concise Guide
Military Timepieces, Concise Guide An excellent source of reference for collectors and dealers in this ever popular area of horology. Descriptions of over 150 models are shown with... £19.99
20 May 16
Binding Wire Different Diameters
Binding Wire Different Diameters Now available from Ø0.28mm to Ø0.55mm. Use this profoundly soft wire for easily binding delicate projects or easing intricate soldering jobs. £5.95
19 May 16
Mini Cylinder Felts
Mini Cylinder Felts Are very useful for getting into spherical awkward circular areas for example, inside rings and bangles. " sizes: Ø25mm & Ø40mm 0.60p
18 May 16
Bergeon Hand Collet Tightening Tool
Bergeon Hand Collet Tightening Tool Ensures that the watch hand pipe, crown pipe & case tube is tightened evenly across it's entire circumference, ensuring a firm and even fit. (18 collets) £395
17 May 16
Ø2mm Lathe Belting
Ø2mm Lathe Belting & also for Rota Barrel Drums. Plastic - Joinable - Supplied cut to your required length, also available in Ø3, 4 & 5mm £1.95
16 May 16
WOW!!! "Practec" Double Variable Speed Polishing Machine, powerful dust extractor fans, LED lighting, 2x magnifiers. 900 to 4700 RPM, 440 x 260 x 250mm (Width x Depth x Height) £395.00
16 May 16
Cousins 2016 Catalogue
Cousins 2016 Catalogue over 1200 hundreds pages, 10,000's of items, get your free copy now!
15 May 16
Eitan Sand Blaster
Eitan Sand Blaster See Video Demo: This 2-hand version provides for greater articulation of job in jet stream and employs the ceramic technique for best results on precious metals. £1,495.00
14 May 16
Eterna Pioneers of the Watchmaker's Art
Eterna Pioneers of the Watchmaker's Art During the past 150 years, Eterna has developed many technical highlights, including the first alarm wristwatch, the ball-borne self-winding mechanism, the first.... £79.95
13 May 16
18 Multi Size Round Compartments
18 Multi Size Round Compartments Wooden box with foam position mat for aliminium multi size tubs, from Ø20 to Ø75mm. Box size 295 x 250 x 40mm £10.50
12 May 16
Unifix Case Vice
Unifix Case Vice Simply rotate platform left and right for extra quick release to move case holding pins. 2 models for watch cases from Ø28 to Ø68mm. (weight 650g & 950g) £62.95
11 May 16
SmartPro Gem Eye 1
SmartPro Gem Eye 1 A remarkably designed gemstone tester with a colour estimator display for smoothly and seamlessly testing your precious stones and diamonds (See Video Demo). £165.00
10 May 16
3M Aluminium Oxide
3M Aluminium Oxide Non woven mini mop, compressed material, best quality fibril. For matt or satin finishing on most metals, also for deburring and de-oxidisation, no compounds needed £0.75
9 May 16
Rolex Tube (24-6330-1)
Rolex Tube (24-6330-1) A new Rolex generic watch case pendent tube available, supplied with gasket, specific for Rolex part number 24.6330.1 £4.95
8 May 16
Patek Philippe Highlights
Patek Philippe Highlights This book includes a compilation of the best Patek Philippe watch models that were developed and sold over the last few years. £19.95
7 May 16
Girard Perregaux
Girard Perregaux Tourbillon with Gold Bridge - The publication takes you from the first model in 1860 by visionary watchmaker Constant Girard to the latest contemporary creations £24.95
6 May 16
Press with Force Limiter (Measured Force)
Press with Force Limiter (Measured Force) Enables the user to limit the output of force on hands via a gear system. From 5 Newton to 40 Newton with a precision of +/= 15% £295.00
5 May 16
Guillotine Shear
Guillotine Shear Very popular for jewellers, silversmiths, light engineers, model makers and for arts and crafts. Heavy Duty, 150mm Blade, E.U. 600mm handle provides leverage for easy use £155.00
4 May 16
Watchmakers Master Service Kit
Watchmakers Master Service Kit Bergeon Swiss Made: 48 specialised tools & accessories. Supplied in plastic carry case, easy storage and transportation... £475.00
3 May 16
Cuckoo Pendulums
Cuckoo Pendulums Widest and largest choice in the UK with the best prices...Period!! Various
2 May 16
Bergeon 30103 Compass
Bergeon 30103 Compass Presented in the New Wooden Black Ash finish. Ø13mm for Direction / Magnetism purposes. Dimensions 40 x 40 x 20mm £39.50
1 May 16
New Update Model
New Update Model Prestige II, Diamond Tester. A simple light touch lets you know if it’s a real diamond. A reliable tester for distinguishing diamonds from simulant stones. £56.95
30 Apr 16
The Secrets of Vacheron Constantin
The Secrets of Vacheron Constantin Geneva-based Vacheron Constantin has maintained its reputation for producing exceptional timepieces, from its first watch circa 1760 to its.... £87.95
29 Apr 16
Beading Tools
Beading Tools Bead Patterning Grainers: For producing a sphere / ball shape final finish to the end of the grain setting and also for creating decorative miniature ball patterns. £0.65
28 Apr 16
Replacements Now Available
Replacements Now Available Watch strap pressure bars & with big headed rivets (Ø1.80mm). Sizes 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm & 24mm £1.75

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