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26 Jul 16
Bench Top Case Holder, King size
Bench Top Case Holder, King size A*F Swiss: Can hold case from Ø20 to Ø60mm. Two directional adjusting screws, rubber ring cushion to protect the watch glass and bezel, rubber feet for maximum stability. £94.95
25 Jul 16
Practec Double Polishing Machine
Practec Double Polishing Machine The most powerful motor on the market, 0.75 HP (horse power), variable speed (300 to 3000 RPM). Extractor fans 750m³/h (metres cubed per hour) x 2 £2,295.00
24 Jul 16
Heating Plate, Bergeon 30460
Heating Plate, Bergeon 30460 Watchmakers Electric Heater with Adjustable Temperature for Escapements. Adjustable temperature range up to approx 160°c. Smooth Aluminium Working Surface... £315.00
23 Jul 16
Ø0.46 to 1.90mm Cutting Broaches
Ø0.46 to 1.90mm Cutting Broaches Bergeon 4338, Swiss Made. 1 pack of 12 assorted cutting broaches (Ø0.46 to 1.90mm) £23.95
22 Jul 16
Watch Bracelet Holders
Watch Bracelet Holders Horotec Swiss: Vices which do not damage soft metals such as gold. Can hold any type of bracelet, Choice or 2 sizes available from Horotec £15.95
21 Jul 16
Hand Fitting Tweezers
Hand Fitting Tweezers Horotec Swiss: Tweezers for handling watch hands, mirror polished tips prevents scratching & marking, 100% anti-magnetic, magnetic items will not stick to tweezers... £51.95
20 Jul 16
Flags of the World
Flags of the World NATO style watch straps with stainless steel buckles, available in 18, 20 & 22mm including UK and USA flags £1.75
19 Jul 16
Bergeon 1996 Extended Range
Bergeon 1996 Extended Range 39 Individual movement holders specific to one ligne size only, with adjustable hollow centre screw for hand setting tools £32.95
19 Jul 16
Bergeon 5914 Extended Range
Bergeon 5914 Extended Range 42 Individual movement holders specific to one ligne size only, reversible £20.50
18 Jul 16
Very Limited Offer
Very Limited Offer Rolling Mill 100mm Rolls, sheet capacity thickness: 6mm, width of sheet: 65mm. Number of wire grooves: 9 ONLY £125.00
17 Jul 16
Pliers on Stand
Pliers on Stand Bergeon 2513: Set of 3, nickel plated steel pliers on "black" wooden stand, includes flat, half round and round nose pliers £84.95
16 Jul 16
Glass Press & Die Set
Glass Press & Die Set Bergeon 5500A (Comprehensive) for fitting unbreakable crystals with or without tension ring. £350.00
15 Jul 16
1000's of New
1000's of New Watch Crowns recently added, all different shapes and colours including a large range of rose (pink) gold crowns. Also find your requirement using our "Super Search" Various
14 Jul 16
Digital Micrometer
Digital Micrometer Measuring 0 to 25mm, Measuring in graduations of 0.001mm. Digital display in millimetres or inches £55.95
13 Jul 16
Horotec Press for Push Fit & Screw On Dies
Horotec Press for Push Fit & Screw On Dies Case Back Closing Press - Single Stage - For Screw On & Push Fit Dies - Horotec Swiss, full range of dies also available separately £155.95
12 Jul 16
SmartPro Screen-I
SmartPro Screen-I Smartest & fastest diamond tester in the world, for smart testing of natural earth-mined colourless diamond (D-J) type Ia, Ib from lab created or synthetic, CVD or HPHT £395.00
11 Jul 16
Vintage Zenith Style
Vintage Zenith Style Watch Crowns Range Extended: Pear shaped, made in Italy, Gold Plated (GP), Stainless Steel (SS) & Rose Gold Plated (Rose) £4.95
10 Jul 16
Bergeon 16200 New improved version
Bergeon 16200 New improved version Bushing tool that allows the centring, milling and reaming of clock plates. Can hold plates from 50 to 220mm. Practical for all clocks, from mantel clocks to grandfather £775.00
10 Jul 16
Bergeon 16200R New improved version
Bergeon 16200R New improved version Same as 16200 except it has a reduced set of accessories. All accessories are available separately. £525.00
9 Jul 16
Conductive Pen, Etic Swiss
Conductive Pen, Etic Swiss Quickly creates conductive traces on most surfaces. Easy and economical to use with micro-tip for precision application. Dries in minutes at room temperature. £29.95
8 Jul 16
Twist Action (Ø70mm) Round Jaws
Twist Action (Ø70mm) Round Jaws For big size cases. Up to Ø70mm watch case with round jaws £4.50
7 Jul 16
Spring Bar Remover, Aluminium Deluxe
Spring Bar Remover, Aluminium Deluxe Lightweight aluminium, Ø0.80mm pin x2, 2.5mm wide fork x 2, Pins and forks are reversible, Length: 130mm, Japanese style. £2.50
6 Jul 16
Harald Schneider Loupe
Harald Schneider Loupe The ORIGINAL-SCHNEIDER-LOUPE© is an especially manufactured product with international reputation. £275.00
5 Jul 16
LED Rectangular Magnifier Lamp
LED Rectangular Magnifier Lamp Bench light with Rectangular Magnifier Lens (175mm x 130mm), 3 dioptre (1.75x mag) with screw on clamp for work benches £82.95
5 Jul 16
LED Rectangular Magnifier Lamp
LED Rectangular Magnifier Lamp Table Lamp with base, ideal for the retail environment for showing customers what they are buying. Portable, 125mm x 75mm lens, 3 dioptre (1.75x mag) £41.25
5 Jul 16
Cousins and Swatch Head to the Courts
Cousins and Swatch Head to the Courts All those involved in the Independent Repair Trade are being seriously threatened by.... Please Act Now
4 Jul 16
Omega Generic Insert Bezels
Omega Generic Insert Bezels Many new models now available, Range now extended to 15 with various colours and sizes listed £12.95
3 Jul 16
Now also "Double Thick"
Now also "Double Thick" Cotton Wheels Mounted 100% pure cotton, excellent for final mirror finishing. Very useful for getting into spherical awkward circular areas for example, inside rings... £0.35
2 Jul 16
Upper Suction Die Set (Adiprene)
Upper Suction Die Set (Adiprene) Bergeon Swiss Upper die set for gripping watch case backs, 6 dies: Ø16, 19, 22, 26, 30 & 34mm. Supplied with wooden stand. £139.95
1 Jul 16
Beautiful Horotec Swiss Made: Portable watchmaker work bench. Great for small workshops where space is a premium. Desk opens to reveal extensive storage space. £425.00

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