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25 Mar 18
Velcro Style Sport Strap
Velcro Style Sport Strap Velcro Style with Stainless Steel Ring. Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Navy, Red £2.15
24 Mar 18
Jump Ring Maker
Jump Ring Maker Excellent for easily producing multiple jump rings, links etc. Kit contains: 20 mandrels, from Ø2.5 to Ø12mm £174.95
23 Mar 18
Replacement Rubber Heads
Replacement Rubber Heads Rubystick Cleaning Swab replacement rubber heads, available in large and small. Extremely porous and ideal for cleaning high equipment, jewellery & watches. Packs*10 £6.95
22 Mar 18
Swatch Style Rubber Straps
Swatch Style Rubber Straps Extended range, Sizes: 19mm (22mm overall width) Rubber, Heavy Grade, Stainless Steel (SS) Buckle, Black & blue £2.50
21 Mar 18
File Brush Cleaning Kit
File Brush Cleaning Kit Used for cleaning metal and wooden files, removes embedded filings far more effectively than an ordinary wire brush. £5.50
20 Mar 18
Silver Wire
Silver Wire Sterling silver wire. Multiple diameters available. Supplied in popular lengths of either 1 metre, 5 metres or 10 metres. Ø0.40 to Ø1.50mm £1.45
19 Mar 18
The Cousins End Cutter Range
The Cousins End Cutter Range including Tungsten Carbide. Cousins Swiss Style - Superb Swiss quality pliers - PVC coated handles - Lengths 115 to 150mm - Jaws smooth or serrated. £11.95
18 Mar 18
Pocket Microscope 40 x Scale
Pocket Microscope 40 x Scale 40x Magnification pocket microscope with 2mm x 0.02mm graduated measuring scale. Perfect for inspecting gemstones. £43.50
17 Mar 18
Omega Moon Watch Generic Hands
Omega Moon Watch Generic Hands Omega - Moon Watch - Hands - Generic Omega Moonwatch (Speedmaster Professional 1), Case number 145.022, Omega part number 067PP00001. White with luminous infill £24.95
16 Mar 18
Watch Case Back Opening/Closing
Watch Case Back Opening/Closing Bergeon & Horotec "Hard" suction dies available individually from Ø16mm to Ø50mm £31.50
16 Mar 18
Watch Case Back Opening/Closing
Watch Case Back Opening/Closing Bergeon & Horotec "Soft" (more flexible) suction dies available individually from Ø16mm to Ø50mm £29.95
16 Mar 18
Watch Case Back Opening/Closing
Watch Case Back Opening/Closing Bergeon & Horotec Sets of "Hard & Soft " suction dies available including Ø16mm to Ø50mm £259.95
15 Mar 18
Generic Casio
Generic Casio Rubber what straps for Casio 776EJ1A, model GA100, GA200. Many other models stocked. £1.75
14 Mar 18
Suede Leather Apron, Durston
Suede Leather Apron, Durston Genuine suede leather apron. Black, with neck loop & waist ties. Tough and durable while easily wipe-able, excellent value, Durston £20.95
13 Mar 18
Value Staking & Riveting Blocks
Value Staking & Riveting Blocks Large selection of staking blocks are available for watchmakers, clockmakers & jewellers, used as a base for riveting & drilling or for bushing & closing holes £3.50
12 Mar 18
LED & Magnifying Lens Portable Lamp
LED & Magnifying Lens Portable Lamp Table Lamp with base, ideal for the retail environment for showing customers what they are buying. Ø95mm Lens £27.50
11 Mar 18
Glass & Dial Cleaning Pen
Glass & Dial Cleaning Pen Ideal for cleaning watch glasses without touching or handling the case. Great for cleaning watch dials without leaving any marks. Can be used for watch hands. Swiss Made £9.50
10 Mar 18
Convex Glass Processing Kit
Convex Glass Processing Kit Kit to manufacture convex watch glasses with the Kronoglass machine. Includes: Radius 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm & 100mm £675.00
9 Mar 18
Durston Airmax 2200
Durston Airmax 2200 Specifications: 0 to 3450RPM variable speed. Extractor fan 1500m³/h (metres cubed per hour). Triple filtration. Powerful ¾ horse power (HP). Twin 8 watt light £2,195.00
8 Mar 18
18ct Yellow Scrolls
18ct Yellow Scrolls Butterfly Scrolls (light, medium or heavy) - Very popular - Now Stocked in 18ct - Most common style for stud or drop earrings for pierced ears. £16.60
7 Mar 18
High Dome Box Sets
High Dome Box Sets Acrylic watch glasses. Various box sets available from Ø190mm to Ø400mm, excellent quality and value for money. £24.95
6 Mar 18
Genuine Lizard (1mm taper)
Genuine Lizard (1mm taper) Dress for Cartier & other high quality, prestige & exclusive timepieces, including Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre & Audemars Piguet... £15.50
5 Mar 18
Gorilla Superglue Gel
Gorilla Superglue Gel 6 Grams (2 x 3g tubes). Bonds: Metal, ceramic, wood, paper, leather, rubber & most plastics. Bonds in 10 seconds, reinforced with rubber for extra strength £2.75
4 Mar 18
Chinese Valjoux 7750
Chinese Valjoux 7750 (was £135) Watch movement based on Valjoux 7750, Chronograph Auto Mechanical with Pushers @ 2h & 4h. £99.95
3 Mar 18
Less Than Half Price
Less Than Half Price Ohaus Pioneer PA213CM 210g "Government Approved". Capacity: 210g, Readability: 0.001g (milligram).....was £650, last one, clearance £295.00
2 Mar 18
Loop Closing Pliers
Loop Closing Pliers Cousins Swiss Style. Superb Swiss quality pliers. Great for closing jump rings & split rings with indentations in the jaws for easy holding of jump/split rings £11.95
1 Mar 18
Mains Clock Movement Resynchroniser
Mains Clock Movement Resynchroniser Automatically restarts the clock at the correct time after power failures. Automatically stops and restarts the clock for daylight saving time adjustment £239.95
28 Feb 18
Lapping Machine
Lapping Machine The Super Lapper from Durston. Specially formulated lapping machines are produced to the finest quality for creating highly polished finishing. £895.00
27 Feb 18
Portable Watch Repairer's Bench
Portable Watch Repairer's Bench Made In Italy: Great for small workshops where space is a premium. Rests securely on any existing bench or table. Solid Beech wood with a varnished finish. £375.00
26 Feb 18
Watch Movement Swivel Platform
Watch Movement Swivel Platform Horotec Swiss - Platform (Ø75mm) is mounted on 360° ball joint & capable of leaning at 45°, giving maximum flexibility whilst working. £194.95

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