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30 Mar 15
Beading / Grainer Tool Set
Beading / Grainer Tool Set Set of 12 pieces, on stand with wooden handle with screw collet fixing £4.95
29 Mar 15
Inspection Mirror
Inspection Mirror Great for viewing hard to see areas of clock movements, jewellery work, etc. £1.25
28 Mar 15
Ø75mm Borax Dish
Ø75mm Borax Dish Non Glazed: Borax Dishes are used with Borax Cones and are a traditional way of making your own flux for precious/non precious soldering. £0.95
27 Mar 15
Ø100mm Rubber Bowl
Ø100mm Rubber Bowl • Ø100mm x 80mm high, made from soft rubber, flexible enough for easy pouring yet strong enough to hold the mixture, "great for general use" £3.95
26 Mar 15
215mm (Ø12mm to Ø24mm)
215mm (Ø12mm to Ø24mm) An inexpensive wooden triblet made from good quality boxwood. It is lightweight and easy to handle when making and forming rings and will not leave marks easily £4.50
25 Mar 15
Watch Movement Holders
Watch Movement Holders Ladies (6¾ to 8) or Gents (10½ to 12) Ligne Movement Holders. Individual movement holders in plastic, incredible value, inexpensive to replace of lost or damaged £1.50
24 Mar 15
Hand Vice
Hand Vice 35mm jaw width, Brass jaws for more delicate work, softer metal will not mark your pieces as easily, with v groove, max. 45mm capacity £6.95
23 Mar 15
Motor Hanger with Base Mount
Motor Hanger with Base Mount Easily attachable to any workbench, heavy, sturdy, screw on base (screws not supplied), stainless steel construction £14.95
22 Mar 15
150 x 150mm Sandbag
150 x 150mm Sandbag This sandbag can conform to the contour of your work piece to provide a base of work surface when forming, chasing, stamping or engraving £6.95
21 Mar 15
Beading Needle, Wooden Handle
Beading Needle, Wooden Handle A handy tool which is great for knotting cord, picking, probing, and wax carving/detailing. Fine, steel point, comfortable wooden handle, length 150mm £0.95
20 Mar 15
Got Your Copy Yet?
Got Your Copy Yet? Wristwatch Annual 2015: The Catalogue of Producers, Prices, Models & Specifications, the seventeenth edition is set to be another "best seller" £24.99
19 Mar 15
65mm (2½") Depth Saw Frame
65mm (2½") Depth Saw Frame Wooden handle, adjustable piecing saw frame. Traditional saws to cut pieces to shapes of your design, Super Value £3.95
19 Mar 15
76mm (3") Depth Saw Frame
76mm (3") Depth Saw Frame Rubber Handle, adjustable piecing saw frame. Traditional saws to cut pieces to shapes of your design, Super Value £7.95
18 Mar 15
Wedge Ring Clam (Plastic) with Leather Jaws
Wedge Ring Clam (Plastic) with Leather Jaws Non Swiss Version: Lightweight plastic construction, Opening maximum 15mm, both sides have leather coated jaws. Supplied with plastic wedge £3.95
18 Mar 15
Ring Clamp, Screw End
Ring Clamp, Screw End Non Swiss Version: Thread action grips like a bench vice and allows rapid and accurate positioning of the ring, Aluminium £22.95
17 Mar 15
Dental Kit
Dental Kit Not really our trade, but useful hand tools in repair, inspection mirror, bent, pointed spatula, tweezers, curved serrated never know! £2.95
16 Mar 15
Ø1.05 to Ø2.00mm Twist Drill Set
Ø1.05 to Ø2.00mm Twist Drill Set Set 15 pieces, Ø1.05 to Ø2.00mm. Each drill compartment is marked with size, "great value set" HSS - High Speed Steel £4.95
16 Mar 15
Ø1.50 to Ø6.50mm Twist Drill Set
Ø1.50 to Ø6.50mm Twist Drill Set Set 13 pieces, Ø1.50 to Ø6.50mm. Each drill compartment is marked with size, "great value set" HSS - High Speed Steel £4.95
15 Mar 15
Compartment Boxes
Compartment Boxes For spare parts, beads any small/medium items, completely removable, clear plastic slide lids - very useful £2.95
14 Mar 15
Cleaning Brushes
Cleaning Brushes Various general use cleaning brushes, very handy and economical £1.50
13 Mar 15
White Nylon Bristle Brushes
White Nylon Bristle Brushes Wide section available in different grades, mounted on natural wooden handle. Soft, medium and stiff nylon all available, 4, 5 or 6 row £1.50
12 Mar 15
Pointed Tips, Reverse Action
Pointed Tips, Reverse Action Super Value: Tweezers with pointed, smooth tips, overall length: 115mm, capacity: 25mm £1.25
12 Mar 15
Reverse Action Tweezers
Reverse Action Tweezers Extra long tips: 60mm, rounded serrated tips with cross lock action. Capacity: 11mm. Overall length: 155mm £2.50
11 Mar 15
Aluminium Compartment Boxes
Aluminium Compartment Boxes Multiple, removable compartments, inserts have removable, glass lids, various diameters from Ø15mm to Ø40mm £4.50
10 Mar 15
Wooden (Bead) Clamp Levers
Wooden (Bead) Clamp Levers Multi Purpose, 3 hole diameters: Ø4, 8, 12mm, 2 clamp diameters: Ø8 & 12mm. Spring loaded, wooden. £3.95
9 Mar 15
Emery Shells Set
Emery Shells Set Emery shells are excellent ready made polishing tools. Already cut & glued to shape, they slot over your polishing machine mandrel easily... £1.95
9 Mar 15
Free Cousins Catalogue
Free Cousins Catalogue Simply Click on the online support button at the top of this page, fill out your address details and ask for your "free of charge" copy (one per customer). Free
8 Mar 15
Ø70mm Essene Jar
Ø70mm Essene Jar Plastic, Ø70mm, Height 40mm. Cover with knob, inexpensive if lost... £1.95
7 Mar 15
Tissue Paper (100mm Sq)
Tissue Paper (100mm Sq) Great for watchmakers and jewellers, lint free, non tarnishable. Can be used in jewellers shops to wrap & store items sold, 1000 sheets per pack £2.95
6 Mar 15
6 Groove Bead Stringing Board
6 Groove Bead Stringing Board Wooden, gloss finish, 6 Bead grooves, up to Ø9mm. Dimensions: 520 x 105 x 15mm £6.95

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