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27 Jul 17
Silk Thread
Silk Thread Griffin (Made in Germany) white, natural silk perfect for bead/pearl threading... £1.25
26 Jul 17
When Corporatism leads to corporate failure
When Corporatism leads to corporate failure The case of the Swiss watch industry – Published 2016, By: Dr Isabelle Schluep Campo and Dr Philipp Aerni £9.00
26 Jul 17
The case of the Swiss watch industry
The case of the Swiss watch industry "The most revealing book about our trade i have ever read!" Anthony Cousins Update
25 Jul 17
T.W Steel Style
T.W Steel Style Watch straps, smooth off white stitched, oiled calf leather. Thick flat profile with studs, plus a stainless steel satin brushed buckles £4.95
24 Jul 17
L&R Ultrasonic Tanks
L&R Ultrasonic Tanks Powerful Machines for Effective Cleaning - Made in USA. Each tank comes with the L&R triple warranty, the most comprehensive in the industry. Various
23 Jul 17
Wooden Boxes for Acid Bottles etc.
Wooden Boxes for Acid Bottles etc. Sturdy acid testing bottle storage and transportation boxes allow you to test your precious metals anywhere or simply keep your desk tidy and safe. Various
22 Jul 17
Paste Necklace Catches
Paste Necklace Catches Cousins UK- UK Made Paste Necklace Catches. For pearl or bead necklaces, 1, 2 or 3 Row available. £1.80
21 Jul 17
Grand Prix Racing
Grand Prix Racing Carefully selected to add additional quality & comfort, designed to surprise. A super buffalo grain, calf Leather with a padded profile & a brushed steel buckle. £4.85
20 Jul 17
Foredom USA
Foredom USA A new and unique holder for use with Foredom's micromotor MH170 handpiece. Allows you to bring the work piece to the tool instead of the other way round. £29.95
19 Jul 17
Ice Watch Style
Ice Watch Style Super bright colours with curved ends & a bracelet link style rubber watch straps. Black, Blue (Navy), Blue (Sky), Grey, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White & Yellow £2.45
18 Jul 17
Wire Working Mandrel Set
Wire Working Mandrel Set Plastic, lightweight and easy to use. Square, round & triangular mandrels & handle, mandrels are stepped allowing you to create multiple sizes. £4.95
17 Jul 17
Screwdriver Set
Screwdriver Set 9 sizes in wooden case with handy individual tube storage for spare blades. Sizes: Ø0.60, 0.80, 0.90, 1.00, 1.20, 1.40, 1.60, 2.00 & 2.30mm £13.95
16 Jul 17
Instant (90 Seconds) Araldite
Instant (90 Seconds) Araldite Available in "Instant", "Rapid", & "Ultra Strong" in syringe or epoxy format. Dries clear, heat and cold, water and oil resistant. Solvent free. Various
15 Jul 17
Bench Mats
Bench Mats For a clean, smooth & even surface for you to work on, available are anti skid, anti static, flexi, plastic, rubber, ridged or extra thin, adhesive/ non adhesive backed Various
14 Jul 17
Rolex Submariner Generic
Rolex Submariner Generic Super quality generic rubber watch straps specifically manufactured to exactly fit the Rolex Submariner. Now with Green, Red, Blue & white stripe £15.95
13 Jul 17
Breitling Bentley Le Mans
Breitling Bentley Le Mans Generic Breitling case number A22362, Ø40.00mm, 2.00mm thick, Sapphire Glass. Other models also available. £115.00
12 Jul 17
Larger Selection
Larger Selection Box Set, "C" & "E" Clips. Pusher Circlips (C-Clips) - for wristwatch chronograph Pushers / correctors etc. £5.95
11 Jul 17
Pin Vice Set
Pin Vice Set A*F Swiss - Set of 4, contains Lengths : 7 - 9 - 11 - 13cm. Single ended with 2 tempered steel collets in various lengths. Square heads & knurled handles in brass £29.95
10 Jul 17
Omega Glass (Moon Watch) Generic
Omega Glass (Moon Watch) Generic Omega PW5139 generic. Moon Watch Black Armoured Ring Glass. Overall diameter Ø34.13mm, Height 5.10mm £12.95
9 Jul 17
Bergeon (5 piece) Screwdriver Set
Bergeon (5 piece) Screwdriver Set Bergeon 2868, 5 Screwdrivers in cardboard box. Contents: Ø0.50, 0.60, 0.80, 1.00, 1.20mm. With one spare blade per diameter. £38.95
8 Jul 17
Cousins Suction Dies and Handle
Cousins Suction Dies and Handle Upper dies in aluminium fitted with synthetic rubber rings for opening screw back watch cases. Excellent grip for opening the tightest cases. £65.85
7 Jul 17
ETA 2894. Horotec 09.010.30
ETA 2894. Horotec 09.010.30 Swiss Made Movement holder with 2 pushers and supports specific for calibre ETA 2894. £159.95
7 Jul 17
Horia, Valjoux 7750 to 7753
Horia, Valjoux 7750 to 7753 Horia - Swiss Made Super quality metal movement holder with 6 pushers for hand setting and chronograph function checking. For calibres Valjoux 7750 & 7753 £475.00
7 Jul 17
Unitas 6497/6498. Horotec 09.010.38
Unitas 6497/6498. Horotec 09.010.38 Horotec 09.010-38 - Swiss Made. Metal round pocket watch movement holder with 2 supports for ETA calibre Unitas 6497 & 6498. £114.95
6 Jul 17
Greiner Timoknack Watch Holding Case Opener
Greiner Timoknack Watch Holding Case Opener The most advanced and professional watch case snap on back opener on the market. The Greiner Timoknack can open all watch cases with push on/snap on case backs..... £425.00
5 Jul 17
Ring Holding (Nylon Jaws) Pliers
Ring Holding (Nylon Jaws) Pliers A*F Swiss. For holding rings while polishing the inside or doing other work. The grooved nylon jaws hold rings or other circular objects securely without scratching. £16.95
4 Jul 17
High Quality
High Quality Leather watch strap keepers. black or brown for 10mm to 24mm watch straps, available in sets or by individual size. £2.15
3 Jul 17
Fomblin Grease Applicator
Fomblin Grease Applicator Horotec: Fomblin grease & advantages: Box with 2 foam cushions saturated with Fomblin grease. Can lubricate gaskets up to Ø60mm £15.95
3 Jul 17
Silcon 7 Grease Applicator
Silcon 7 Grease Applicator Horotec: Case and crown sealant that will prevent leakage of moisture into the case due to worn gaskets, even when the watch is subjected to extreme pressures. £14.75
3 Jul 17
Seiko TSF-451 Grease Applicator
Seiko TSF-451 Grease Applicator Silicone Grease TSF-451 is a lubricant excelled in water repelling (property to drive back water). Suitable for watch glass gaskets, crowns, pendants and watch case backs £17.25

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