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12 Feb 16
Ø0.00mm to Ø0.75mm, Pin Tong
Ø0.00mm to Ø0.75mm, Pin Tong Single ended, slide locking. Length 10cm, Stainless steel, round head, knurled handle £1.95
11 Feb 16
Rifler Files Set of 12
Rifler Files Set of 12 With their long square section central handle and wide choice of shapes, Rifflers are used by die makers, silversmiths and for intricate woodcarving and wax working £8.95
10 Feb 16
Slim Pin Vice, Very Usefull
Slim Pin Vice, Very Usefull Ø0.00mm to Ø0.75mm, single ended, slim, length 10cm. Brass with round head. Ø4.50mm body £1.95
10 Feb 16
Free Delivery
Free Delivery Cousins "Original & Best" Free Carriage* When you buy 4 or more gallons of cleaning Fluid etc. (include as many others items also for free carriage!) FREE
9 Feb 16
Cousins 2016 Catalogue
Cousins 2016 Catalogue Its back again, the new, updated 2016 version of the Cousins catalogue. Get your free copy now!
9 Feb 16
Scriber, Carbide Tip - Twisted Handle
Scriber, Carbide Tip - Twisted Handle This Carbide Scriber is a great choice for both manufacturer and hobbyists. The durable etching point works effortlessly on various materials £1.95
8 Feb 16
Watch Glass Gauge
Watch Glass Gauge Aluminium. Up to 70mm, Aluminium. Easy to store and transport. Great value £0.95
7 Feb 16
Set of 6 Hobby Files
Set of 6 Hobby Files 160mm overall length, Contents: Pillar with Safety edge, Half Round, Pillar, Round, Square, Three Square £9.95
6 Feb 16
10x Magnifier, Ø22mm Lens
10x Magnifier, Ø22mm Lens Specifically for gemstones, rings, earrings etc, Stainless steel base and neck, 70 x 70 x 150mm (Base width x base length x overall height £17.95
5 Feb 16
Pin Vice with Handle
Pin Vice with Handle Ø0.00 to 3.00mm, Plastic Handle. Ideal for the work bench. 4 chucks, round handle. Overall length 85mm £4.50
4 Feb 16
Plier Set, Superior
Plier Set, Superior Great for beading, craft or designing work. Set Contains: Snipe, Flat Nose, Round Nose & Side Cutters £16.95
3 Feb 16
Bench Grinder, Manual
Bench Grinder, Manual Fixes to work bench, portable. Great for smaller working spaces. Controlled grinding, Supplied with Grindwell Norton gringind stone, Ø100mm £15.95
2 Feb 16
8oz Cross Pein Hammer
8oz Cross Pein Hammer Length overall 26cm, "Nice Price" £3.95
2 Feb 16
8oz (200g) Ball Pein Hammer
8oz (200g) Ball Pein Hammer Overal length 260mm, face diameter Ø20mm, head length 80mm £4.50
1 Feb 16
Spectacles Pliers with Nylon Grip
Spectacles Pliers with Nylon Grip Pliers specifically for spectacles and sunglasses, one nylon flat nose jaw for extra protection of delicate glass, one round nose jaw. Sleeved arms £4.75
31 Jan 16
Loop Closing Pliers
Loop Closing Pliers Great for closing jump rings & split rings, spring loaded, sleeved arms. Indentations in the jaws for easy holding of jump or split rings £4.50
30 Jan 16
2 Punches & Dapping Cube
2 Punches & Dapping Cube 2 punches, Ø13 & 21mm. Dapping cube, 60 x 60mm, 6 domes, from Ø23 to 45mm £3.95
29 Jan 16
Linen Magnifiers
Linen Magnifiers Choice of x5, x7 or x10 magnification. For viewing and measuring. A hands free magnifier with a built in measuring scale and stand. £3.50
28 Jan 16
Aluminium Pots in Wooden box
Aluminium Pots in Wooden box Super value, ideal storage of parts or findings, classy wooden storage & transportation box. Inserts have removable, glass lids £7.95
27 Jan 16
Clock Bells
Clock Bells New size, Ø135mm, Height 50mm, Ideal for small to medium clock, Indian made for economy clocks. Drilled Pilot Hole, polished finish. £7.95
26 Jan 16
Popular Hole Punching Plier
Popular Hole Punching Plier Hole punching diameter: Ø1.80mm, overall length 140mm, spring loaded, sleeved arms, suitable for belt holes and other leather products £4.95
25 Jan 16
Save wear and tear on fingers
Save wear and tear on fingers Crown Winder. Plunger opens and closes jaws, strong spring action holds button firm while winding, Ø4.5 to 6.0mm. £4.95
24 Jan 16
American pattern Pin Vice
American pattern Pin Vice Length 10cm. Double Ended: Ø0 to Ø1.20mm & Ø1.50mm to Ø2.50mm, round knurled hexagonal heads, knurled Handle £2.50
23 Jan 16
Hole Cutting Tool
Hole Cutting Tool 2 punches: Ø1.50mm & Ø2.00mm, Leaves very clean cut holes. Very different from the traditional punch style, supplied with acrylic base to avoid damage to the punches £7.95
22 Jan 16
Complete Cupola Set, Wooden
Complete Cupola Set, Wooden 4 punches, 2 reversible bases. Punches/Base sizes: Ø40, 45, 50 & 60mm. Sizes marked on base. £29.95
21 Jan 16
Plastic Vernier Sliding Gauge
Plastic Vernier Sliding Gauge Lightweight, easy to use and transport, imperial and metric. Measures: 1 to 100mm or 1/8 to 4 inches £1.50
20 Jan 16
Traditional Watchmakers
Traditional Watchmakers Clip On Double Loupe. Universal for left or right eye fitting, x3.3 & x5 magnification £3.95
19 Jan 16
Great value, ideal free gift for customers
Great value, ideal free gift for customers 10x Jeweller Loupe. Folding, Ø16mm Round, 10x Magnification. Plastic & folds into protective aluminium. £1.75
18 Jan 16
Video Demo Available
Video Demo Available Hand-held Microscope - Wifi Enabled - Mic-Fi, take photos or video, polarised filter, Great piece of kit! £225.00
17 Jan 16
Eyeglass Set
Eyeglass Set Set contains: 2.5x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x Super Value and economical enough if lost or stolen £3.95

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