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8 Dec 16
Dumont Incabloc Tweezer
Dumont Incabloc Tweezer "Original Incabloc" highly specialised watchmaking tweezers for holding incabloc shock absorbers. £74.95
7 Dec 16
Clock Beat Setting & Regulation App
Clock Beat Setting & Regulation App ClockMaster is a free app dedicated to the measurement and regulation of mechanical pendulum clocks. The app uses a microphone to capture the audible ticks of the....
6 Dec 16
Clock Weights
Clock Weights Massively increase and improve range of clock weights, cannot find want you want? please use our Online Support - Products & Stock - New Item Request Various
5 Dec 16
Now Available in XL
Now Available in XL One of our very best selling ranges of watch straps Verona Elegance have now been enhanced by having "Extra Long" added to the range. From sizes 10mm to 24mm £3.75
4 Dec 16
Jewellery Making for Profit By JE Hickling
Jewellery Making for Profit By JE Hickling A popular subject approached from the business angle to yield essential profits. A subtle blend of craftsmanship and method with materials management. £14.75
3 Dec 16
Crucible Holders & Tongs
Crucible Holders & Tongs Large range of traditional and new crucible holders and tongs. Pick up and place your pieces, crucibles or flasks with confidence around your work shop Various
2 Dec 16
Vinyl Dial Protectors (Soft Plastic)
Vinyl Dial Protectors (Soft Plastic) Pack*10, soft flexible plastic. Protects the dial whilst removing hands. Ensures no scratches, marks or blemishes whilst watch is being worked on £1.50
1 Dec 16
Roman Numeral & Chrome Bezels
Roman Numeral & Chrome Bezels Clock insertion movements with chrome bezels available in various diameters. £6.85
1 Dec 16
Arabic Numeral & Chrome Bezels
Arabic Numeral & Chrome Bezels Clock insertion movements with chrome bezels available in various diameters. £7.45
30 Nov 16
James Bond black & grey
James Bond black & grey Layered fabric with heavy duty satin buckle nylon 2 stripe strap, Sizes: 18, 20, 22 & 24mm. £2.65
29 Nov 16
Horotec Swiss Taps
Horotec Swiss Taps Range of Horotec Swiss Taps for creating a thread. diameters available Ø0.30mm to Ø6.00mm. Various
28 Nov 16
Mini Aluminium Oxide Wheel
Mini Aluminium Oxide Wheel From "EVE" new mini mops that are impregnated with aluminium oxide, soft, flexible material. Gives a high lustre finish on acrylics, ceramic and metals. £2.50
27 Nov 16
Bergeon 5356 Mainspring Winder
Bergeon 5356 Mainspring Winder The Ultimate Set: 17 mainspring winders for right hand No 00 - 15 and 1 handle, 17 arbors for left hand No 00 - 15 and 1 handle. Ø5.3mm to Ø19mm £850.00
26 Nov 16
Bergeon Wheel, Hand, Roller Remover
Bergeon Wheel, Hand, Roller Remover Bergeon 6016, fork shape Ø1.20 mm. The practical tool for removing:, Intermediate wheels, minute and seconds hands, transmission wheels of chronographs, balance rollers £25.25
25 Nov 16
Beech or Hornbeam Pegwood
Beech or Hornbeam Pegwood Hornbeam is a slightly softer wood then beech. Available in various diameters. Used for cleaning/setting pivot holes and cleaning watch jewels among other various uses. £3.95
24 Nov 16
Finger Protectors, Cotton. Pack*100
Finger Protectors, Cotton. Pack*100 Breathable cotton, elasticated, one size fits all. Powder free. Quick & easy good economical protectors for when handling polished jewellery, plates, tankards etc. £9.95
23 Nov 16
Durston Wedding Ring Enlarging,
Durston Wedding Ring Enlarging, Reducing & Bending Tool. A high quality, British made ring stretcher & bender giving the jeweller and retailer the ability to re-size rings with ease. Video Demo On Line £249.95
22 Nov 16
for extra long bracelets
for extra long bracelets Extra large base catering for extra long watch bracelets. With slots 3 to 10mm wide. 80 x 80 x 30mm £2.25
21 Nov 16
Bradbury’s Hallmark Book, 1544 to "2020"
Bradbury’s Hallmark Book, 1544 to "2020" BRADBURY'S, a best seller. 1544 to "2020" (New Edition) Catalogue Bradbury’s Hallmarks. A guide to marks of origin on English, Scottish and Irish silver. £14.95
20 Nov 16
Jewel Picker Upper
Jewel Picker Upper A quick and easy way to pick up Jewels and small parts - Silicon Tips £3.95
19 Nov 16
Bracelet Clasp Saver, A*F Swiss
Bracelet Clasp Saver, A*F Swiss See on line Video Demo: Saves folding clasps by allowing them to "click" and lock again. Clasps which were previously impossible to fix or repair can now be saved. £107.95
18 Nov 16
Stem Cutting Gauge
Stem Cutting Gauge Bergeon 2002: Tool to measure stems precisely before cutting. £99.95
17 Nov 16
Lathe Drivers
Lathe Drivers Bergeon 30091A. Assortment of 12 work drivers, Includes 12 small hole diameters x big hole diameters. £75.95
16 Nov 16
Flat Elegance Denver Range
Flat Elegance Denver Range Italian Luxury Stitched Calf Leather, Buffalo grain, Carefully selected to add additional quality and comfort, designed to surprise. £3.15
15 Nov 16
Diamond Estimator Gauge
Diamond Estimator Gauge Simply lay your stone over the gauge and you can quickly and easily tell the shape, carat and weight of your diamond. SUPER GAUGE £4.95
14 Nov 16
Wristwatch Annual 2017
Wristwatch Annual 2017 Now in its 19th edition, the wristwatch annual is recognised as the leading guide to fine watches for trade and consumers alike. £26.99
13 Nov 16
Kif Shockspring Tool
Kif Shockspring Tool Set of 3 special vertical keys for turning Kif Trior shock springs to accurately remove or refit without loss or damage. Supplied in a storage container. £16.50
12 Nov 16
U.V. (Ultraviolet) Seiko S314
U.V. (Ultraviolet) Seiko S314 Adhesive for watch mineral and sapphire glasses. Sets rapidly under UV light, 10ml Bottle. Use L9742 or L32768 curing lamp. £19.75
11 Nov 16
Hand Collets
Hand Collets Hour and minute for our mains synchronous clock movements, ideal for adapting original hands or new hands £2.95
10 Nov 16
Pusher & Tube Fitting & Removing Tool
Pusher & Tube Fitting & Removing Tool Horotec Swiss, minimizes the risk of damage to the watch pusher or tube, supplied with 7 stakes and on 4 ridged rubber feet for extra stability £125.00

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