Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Cousins offers only known & trusted brands of ultrasonic tanks at the most competitive prices. We offer no Chinese tanks cloaked as superior brands.

  • L&R "Qauntrex" line (Commercial Use)
  • Elma "S" Line (Commercial Use)
  • Elma "P" Line (Industrial Use - Multi-Frequency & Digital)
  • Elma Xtra TT (Industrial Use, Brand New Range)

The Ultrasonic process is the trade's proven system for removal of dirt, soiling and gumming from both surface and hidden areas of a job.

Electrically powered transducers bonded to the tanks skin generate a cavitation (bubbling) effect, which streams through the fluid and discharges onto the articles at a given frequency. These minute impacts efficiently loosen and dislodge adhesions and grime from usage or workshop procedures.

We have a range of branded tanks for every purpose. All are constructed to the highest quality using stainless steel
Ultrasonic Cleaning
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