Cutters, Ring (Wedding & Gem)

Cutters, Ring (Wedding & Gem)

Even though cutting a ring off is not a jewellery repair, sometimes it falls to a retailer, gold buyer, goldsmith to cut away a ring that can no longer be taken off a finger. This most often happens because an injury or illness has caused the hand to swell, but it might be a matter of simply "growing attached" to your jewellery.

The solution is to use a ring cutter made for this purpose. In our range we have various types of Ring Cutters, in principle they all do the same process but differ in their usage and budget. Remember we supply spare blades which is handy to have because as in time they can ware out. Depending on the metal being cut and thickness a blade can ware quicker if it is cutting a platinum ring rather then a 22ct one.

A general guide on how to use…

Ring cutter pliers work on a leverage and circular saw rotating system. On the top side a circular saw is fitted on a key which rotates forwards and backwards by turning by hand and revolving. The opposite side notice a “V” machined end with a fine centre groove.

Place the customers hand flat on a table and push the “V” groove under the ring (in between the skin and the inside of the ring) this will protect the finger while cutting. Close your ring cutter applying slight pressure on the blade connecting with the outside of the ring shank and rotate clockwise. The circular saw will start to cut the ring from the outside of the shank.

Applying some bees wax on the blade before and while cutting will prolong blade life and give a smoother cut. Try not to go so fast and press too hard just let the blade teeth smoothly do the work.

As the ring is now cut trough use two pairs of bent nose/snipe nose pliers to pull ring apart removing it from the finger.
Cutters, Ring (Wedding & Gem)
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