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Movements (Mechanical) Kieninger

Kieninger recommend that replacing a Kieninger clock movement is often quicker and more cost effective than servicing or repairing an old one. Using a new movement ensures you take full advantage of the advances in manufacturing technology. They state that their movements are ready to fit, however some lubrication may be required.

Movement Required:
If you require a complete movement which is not listed below you can request a quote via our Kieninger movement parts search category by searching and selecting "movement" in the Kieninger clock part description look up and then add it as a non listed item, you will need to provide the pendulum length you require in the description field.

Pendulum Length:
The Kieninger pendulum length is stamped on the back of the movement, next to or underneath the calibre. The "cm" length is measured from the hand shaft centre to the centre of the pendulum disc (bob).

Trouble identifying your Kieninger movement?
If you are having trouble matching your existing Kieninger movement with the stocked movements below, please submit an online support request via "products & stock - missing item specification". Please provide the numbers/letters stamped on the plate as well as the plate size, the chime and the hand shaft length.

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