Cleaning Swabs

Cleaning Swabs

Often when dealing in the horology or jewellery trades, you will need fine tipped or small cleaning instruments either to reach areas otherwise inaccessible, or simply to easily clean and maintain your work. Below is our new and comprehensive range of cleaning swabs that will cater to all your cleaning requirements.

  • Adhesive head - Sticky head swabs ensure the easy removal of dust and larger particles in areas that can be hard to reach
  • Cotton Head - An industry standard cleansing tool, perfect for cleaning and removing debris and left over liquids/oils from your work.
  • Foam Head - An open cell structure allows particularly good absorption of solvents and liquids.
  • Microfibre Head - Extremely small fibres allow the trapping and absorption of minuscule dirt particles and solvents.
  • Rubber Head - A super porous fibre to allow extreme absorption of both cleaning fluid or liquid debris.

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