Blowers, Compressors & Vacuum Pens & Pumps

Blowers, Compressors & Vacuum Pens & Pumps

Dust Blowers & Vacuum Pumps are an essential tool when repairing or changing watch batteries and movements. By squeezing or pressing the dust blower natural air is recycled and blown into small areas to disperse dust particles from the watch. Always avoid blowing onto the movement yourself, this can deposit moisture into the watch and cause problems later.

There is always a chance fine particles or dust can get into the watch movement so it is always essential to use a Dust Blower. We have a large selection of dust blowers comprised of various shapes and materials.

  • Rubber blowers hold more natural air and when pressed will push out air faster with very little pressure.
  • The Bakelite is finer and smaller for more accurate cleaning to enter awkward areas and clean.
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