Escapement Files

Escapement Files

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Escapement or watchmakers files are generally narrower and thinner than standard needle files and are used for the most delicate and precise filing requirements in watch and jewellery making. Escapement files have square handles and are always 140mm long from tip to handle end.

Available up to cut 10 (156 teeth/cm), with sharp edges and an extra slim point, our escapement files are perfectly suited to work requiring a low removal capacity. Perfect for gold, platinum, steel and titanium.

  • Made from chrome steel, hardness 65HRc +/-2
  • Certified ISO 9001 / EN29001

Cuts are expressed in numbers, they simply get finer as the number rises. Eg: 0=Coarse, 2=Medium, 4=Fine etc.

Dotted outer profiles on images indicate cutting faces.
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