Needle Files, Diamond Impregnated

Diamond impregnated hand tools are used all over the world in many industries. There are various qualities in diamond files and should be used accordingly for the standard of work being done. Cousins Material House offers a comprehensive range of diamond files in various shapes and sizes

  • This enables the end user to choose the most suitable file for any given application, including hard reaching areas.
  • File quickly with accuracy on both push and pull strokes.
  • Use to smooth contours, remove unwanted solder applying texture and to shape many metals.
  • Diamond files can be used on many materials such as, platinum, palladium, gold, silver, steel, copper, brass, stone, ceramics, iron, tin, glass, zinc, pewter, aluminium, lead and bronze.
  • File before you test any precious metal using Diamond Files will take down thick plate to expose a plated item.

Vallorbe Swiss Diamond files are considered to be the best in the world and are of a extreme high quality. Made for a Precision extra long life, construction consists of a smooth metal bonded diamond impregnation.

Cousins Material House diamond files are for the price exceptional quality and are smooth to medium diamond impregnation.

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