Ceramic Fibre Files

Ceramic Fibre Files

Ceramic Fibre Files - Vallorbe Swiss

These miniature tools are the perfect solution for de-burring or polishing the smallest, most unreachable areas, including jewellery mounts and watch bracelets for instance.

Made of new composite material encompassing ceramic fibres in a very hard thermoset resin, which is virtually unbreakable, they have a long service life. Fully usable, they do not break, crack or burr. The point can be shaped to match the target area using a wheel or any other diamond-coated tool. Flexible and resilient, Vallorbe ceramic fibre files do not leave a single scratch on the work piece because the tool does not form any abrasive particles, enabling a uniform finish.

  • Pillar, Round or Square
  • 180 (extra, extra coarse) to 3000 (extra, extra fine) grit available (the higher the grit, the finer the file)
  • Multiple sizes & grits
  • Use and finish by hand with our comfortable hand-held pen file holders
  • These holders will insure that the handling is easy and your work will be completely accurate
  • A favourite with platinum, gold and silver mounters in the Jewellery/watch making industry
  • Uniform surface finish
  • Using lubricant increases polishing efficiency
  • Tips can be shaped to fit the targeted area (with grinding wheels or diamond coated tools)
  • Enhanced service life
  • The ultimate in high class finishing for your products
  • Excellent performance for material under 57 HRC
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