Needle Files

Needle Files

Vallorbe - Swiss Made - Invest in the Best

  • Knurled handles
  • Made from chrome steel, hardness 65HRc +/-2
  • Cousins Euro files: A quality alternative, made in Poland
  • Certified ISO 9001 / EN29001

All our files in the following sections and types are of superlative Swiss Vallorbe manufacturer. The quality is unrivalled and the range vast. Selection is only a matter of deciding on type, length-size and cut.

Fine and pointed, with tapered edges and sharp points, they are recommended for steel and steel alloys, soft metals and finishing work.

Cuts are expressed in numbers, they simply get finer as the number rises. Eg: 0=Coarse, 2=Medium, 4=Fine etc.

Dotted outer profiles on images indicate cutting faces.

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