Engravers Blocks, Including GRS

Engravers Blocks, Including GRS

Engravers Spherical Revolving Blocks are ideal equipment for holding work. Also known as the Engravers Ball they have been used for well over 110 years by many types of craftspeople.

Hand engraving, stone setting, chasing and sculpturing on precious or non precious metals is one of the few arts which many craftspeople still really excel at all over the world, even today.

It is also one in which the best modern work can bear comparison with the best of any age. Practice to develop ones skills will earn you a reputation as a true artist and craftsperson.

Engraving is so decorative and useful in many fields of production that its future sets one up for securing customer orders. The demand for high quality hand engraving, stone setting, chasing and sculpturing is encouragingly big because no-machine made substitute has yet been evolved to replace it. To do fine work is always rewarding in a broad sense, and one can predict with some confidence that skilled craftspeople will continue to offer adequate rewards financially as well even in the present highly mechanised times.

Cousins Material House offers a wide range of tools and equipment ideal for holding work for all of those crafting needs. View the links below to view the wide range of departments on our website.

We have a selection of Spherical Revolving Blocks from Italy and India. The Italian blocks are made to a very specific, high quality while the Indian equivalent comprises exceptional quality for a highly competitive price.

  • Work and hold virtually anything to engrave, set, sculpture, chase, etc including on jewellery, knives, swords, pens, lighters, plaques, trophies, ornaments, tankards, cups, watches, clocks, almost anything to engrave stone set sculpture chase etc

  • Jewellers’ Vice (code V1824) is an insightful accessory to use with this tool; by unscrewing the handle, clamp in the engraver’s ball to add a finer holding apparatus.
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