Ring Holder (Vertical), GRS

Ring Holder (Vertical) - GRS
This GRS Inside Ring Holder is part of the GRS ball vice accessory collection and provides an essential tool when working on any ring or cylindrical piece. Designed to offer easy access to the outside, this tool is perfect for stone setting and engraving applications
  • Vertically clamps rings from the inside
  • Ideal for setting and engraving applications
  • Compatible with all GRS vices
  • Made from a robust hard plastic construction
  • Will secure your item (on a vertical axis) from the inside using an expansion cone
  • The expansion cone, when used with the plastic collets, will provide equal pressure around the circumference of your piece, will not marr and helps to reduce vibration
  • A great feature of this tool is that it will free up both hands enabling more control, reducing fatigue when compared to traditional ring clamps
  • See PDF above
  • GRS 004.679
  • Made in USA
Supplied with:
  • Holder body
  • Expansion cone (with screw)
  • 7 x Plastic collets
  • Allen key
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