Accessory Set, GRS

This GRS BenchMate Assorted Accessory Set contains 32 components that have been designed to work with the GRS work-holding ball vices and the GRS Multi-Purpose Vice; enhancing their efficiency and performance when setting or engraving.
With a variety of pins that fit the upper jaw plates of every GRS Block, users can now instantly solve work holding problems and start working sooner.
  • Accessory set for GRS Multi-Purpose Vice and GRS Work holding Ball Vices
  • Moveable components offering a wide range of configurations
  • Ability to securely hold almost any size and shaped part
  • Suitable for setting and engraving
  • GRS 003.520
  • Made in USA
Parts include;
  • 8 x Small round pins
  • 4 x Flat square pins
  • 4 x Large round pins with inset curves
  • 8 x Round rubber coated pins
  • 2 x Rectangular pins with inset curves
  • 2 x Ring clamp pins; leather faced
  • 4 x 76mm Thermo-Loc sticks
  • Supplied in high impact plastic case
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