GRS Standard Block Ø150mm (9.5Kg)

GRS® Standard Work holding Vice
The standard is the go to vice for jewellers, stone setters and engravers. For decades craftsmen have used the standard vice to fulfil all their workshop needs. A combination of outstanding quality and value, this tool will last a lifetime.
  • 9.5Kg (21lb), high quality engraving block machined from solid stainless steel (crown and base)
  • Ability to securely hold almost any size and shaped part
  • Satin finished with black jaws to reduce glare and prevent eye strain
  • Self centring jaws for reliable positioning
  • Double-ball bearing system provides smooth, high-quality rotation
  • Internal rotational brake system allows customizable resistance from free to locked
  • Provides full range of tilt
  • Supplied with jaw plates,4 pins & wrench
  • Supplied on rubber base
  • Can also be bought with an additional, full 34 piece attachment kit
  • GRS 003.530 & 003.531 (without and with attachment kit)
  • See video link above
  • See PDF above
  • Made in USA
Additional attachment kit contains:
  • 8 x Small round pins
  • 4 x Flat square pins
  • 2 x Rectangular pins with inset curves
  • 4 x Large round pins with inset curves
  • 8 x Round rubber coated pins
  • 2 x Ring clamp pins, leather faced
  • 2 x Additional pin plates (13 holes each side)
  • 4 x 76mm Thermo-Loc sticks
  • Diameter: Ø150mm
  • Maximum jaw opening: 76mm
  • Weight: 9.5kg
GRS are a global brand and market leader in the development of tools for jewellery makers, engravers and allied industries: specialising in the manufacture of precision hand engraving and setting tools as well as related equipment for industrial and business users.
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GRS Standard Block
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