Adjusting Rings (Stretch, Reduce & Bend)

Adjusting Rings (Stretch, Reduce & Bend)

Ring adjusting tools are available in different types to suit your budget needs.

  • Swiss, Italian, UK or Indian manufactured tools
  • Our Italian, Swiss & UK ring sizing tools are of a very high quality and are very well suited for the manufacturer coping with constant work loads
  • Our range of Indian ring sizing tools are a good economy price, made with quality and excellent value in mind, suited for the retail/smaller quantity work

Some useful hints and tips when stretching/ reducing:

One must appreciate there is a number of sizes a ring can be stretched. Some particulars to remember is the type of metal, gold, silver, platinum etc (the softer the metal the more it can be stretched as it is less rigid, metals like platinum are far harder to stretch than say 22ct gold), also the method the ring has been constructed. A plain cast wedding band has no solder join therefore a 22ct ring can be stretched up to 1 to 8 sizes.

Having a solder join on a ring creates a weak point so therefore when over stretching is preformed it will come apart from the join (the weakest point).

At times, depending on the your experience and the type of ring, you may have to add metal to enlarge the ring size. Therefore a stretching tool may not be appropriate (we have a large selection of tools and equipment catering for this process see below).

To spot a solder join, heat the ring to near a cherry red colour then place in water you will notice a colour change line (this is where it has been soldered). Heating a ring up does soften it & so helps the ring stretch process to be perform easier.
With gem set rings there is more risk of either damaging the stones or the setting while heating or stretching. To protect gem stones while heating it is a good to cover the stones with cool heat to protect them (see link below).

The upright ring stretcher is suited to plain bands, any attempted to stretch gem set rings runs the risk of them falling out, also on the reducer plate gemstones can get damaged.

The most suited tool for stretching gem set rings is the (roller type) gemstone ring stretcher (see below for models and info).

Remember any type of stretching done using these tools may leave some after marks so finishing is required (see links below).

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