Synthetic Oils

Summary Variations:

  • Synt-A-Lube: Escapements (small & medium movements)
  • Synta-Visco-Lube: Escapements (larger movements)
  • Synta-Frigo-Lube: Escapements (movements in low temperatures)

Moebius synthetic oil are a general purpose synthetic watch & clock oil for escapements (pallet jewels and balance staffs) and jewel bearings etc.

  • Used by top Swiss watch houses
  • Industry‚Äôs leader
  • Highly compatible with plastics
  • High resistant to deterioration
  • Will not clog or thicken
  • Prevents small parts from getting gummed up
  • Will not spread, remaining where you positioned it

The Moebius synthetic oils are generally used in the precision micro-mechanic industry, where there is a need for top quality and long life span.
The main fields of application are:
  • Board instruments for aircraft. ships and cars
  • Watches, clocks and time switches, micromotors, stepmotors
  • Meters and recording equipment for meteorological purposes
  • Meters for electricity and gas
  • Cameras and optical instruments
  • Floppy disk drives and computer printers
  • Mini cassette recorders
  • Miniball Bearings

The shelf life for all Moebius synthetic oils is 6 years

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