Synthetic Greases

Synthetic Greases

  • Bergeon 2728 - General Purpose
  • Bergeon 6441D - Jismaa High Friction with Copper Alloy
  • Bergeon 100.620.0005 - Synthetic Grease
  • Bergeon 6945 - Fomblin
  • Horotec 28.001 - Fomblin
  • Moebius 9415 - for Pallet Jewels
  • Moebius 9501 - High Friction
  • Moebius 9504 - Metal/Metal Couplings

Fomblin UT18 Grease is formulated exclusively with FOMBLIN Base Fluid. UT18 is a homogenous white grease suitable for lubricating mechanical parts used in wide temperature intervals (from – 30°C to 150°C with peak temperatures up to 200°C).

UT18 Grease is particularly suitable for lubricating friction mechanical parts subjected to medium loads, where standard mineral and synthetic lubricants are not resistant to temperature and air degradation.
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