Fomblin UT18 Applicator (Horotec)

Horotec 28.001 - Used by the Top Swiss Watch Houses, specifically for barrel drum walls for a better sliding of the slip spring.
A white homogeneous grease for lubrication of mechanical parts. Specially developed for parts subject to friction of medium pressure when mineral and standard synthetic lubricants break down due to temperature changes and exposure to the air. Also useful for greasing all types of joints as well as special optical and micro mechanical equipment.
Fomblin grease & advantages:
  • Box with 2 foam cushions saturated with fomblin grease
  • Can lubricate gaskets up to Ø60mm
  • Excellent lubricant
  • Resistant to oxidations
  • Stable for all temperatures
  • Resistant to chemical products
  • Non-flammable
  • Non toxic
  • Used in watchmaking, micro-technology etc.
  • Compatible with all kinds of material, glass, metals, elastomer, plastics & ceramics
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