Pendulum Drive Unit, Heavy Duty & Movements

Pendulum Drive Unit - Heavy Duty - Quartz - With Corresponding Movements

  • Heavy duty pendulum device, can be used to create quartz grandfather clocks
  • To be used with the quartz movements listed below (supplied separately)
  • Movements can be plugged straight into the pendulum device
  • Comes with speaker and chime unit
  • Can play bing bang or Westminster melody
  • Volume control knob
  • Night shut off via a light/optical sensor (when the optical sensor receives no light, the night shut off function is activated).
  • Maximum pendulum length 1000mm
  • Maximum pendulum weight 1.2Kg
  • Has a remote battery box that can be positioned almost anywhere in your clock case, for ease of use
  • Takes 2 x D batteries (supplied separately our code MN1300)
  • See PDF above for set up instructions
  • Made in Taiwan

  • Battery box: 110 x 70 x 40mm
  • Speaker: 85 x 85 x 45mm
  • Pendulum unit: 210 x 30 x 35mm
  • Movements: 57 x 57 x 17mm
  • Movement shaft = From movement front to centre shaft tip

Movements are Non Euro Fitting (NEF) Hand Collet Dimensions:
  • Minute: Ø3.50mm
  • Hour: Ø5.00mm (Ø5.50mm NEF hands will require pinching to fit)

Setting the chime:
  • When the battery is installed, the time system defaults to 1 o'clock. The chime will strike once
  • To set the speaker to 2 o'clock, press the "time adjust" button once, so the chime strikes twice
  • To set the speaker to 3 o'clock press the "time adjust" button twice, so the chime strikes three times etc.
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