Mandrels for Bangles, Bracelets & Hoop Earrings

Mandrels for Bangles, Bracelets & Hoop Earrings

Mandrels for making bracelets, bangles and hoop earrings

Design, manufacture and repair, bangles, bracelets, hooped earring with our large selection of tools and equipment.

In recent years the public interest in bangle and bracelet fashions has glamorously resurged, particular with the growth of the Pandora and Chamilia brands. Bangles and bracelets can come in variable shapes and sizes and we stock a wide selection of tools and equipment for all sizing, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing needs. Take this opportunity to design and manufacture your own Churi range to capitalise on a rapidly growing industry.

We have a large selection of mandrels in oval and round shapes varying in sizes and material quality. Our Italian mandrels have been used in manufacturing for generations; they are all finished to a smooth high standard. Made from cast iron their centres are hollow making them lighter to make working with them easy. Likewise we now stock an economy range of these mandrels from India at exceptional value, again made from cast iron; hollow centred comprising a smooth finish.
Furthermore, the wooden mandrel has also proven popular as being an inexpensive way of forming, ideal for infrequent use.
Mandrels for Bangles, Bracelets & Hoop Earrings
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