White Label (Rolls), Castaldo

Castaldo White Label - Rolls
  • Castaldo White LabelĀ®
  • 5lb rolls (2.27Kg)
  • Cut to any shape you require
  • Enough jewellery moulding rubber to make 15 to 25 standard size jewellery moulds
  • Firmer than gold label and no shrink pink
  • Has a high concentration of pure natural gum rubber
  • Which makes it resilient and pliable
  • Qualities that the experienced mould-maker values in his efforts to produce high-quality moulds in the shortest reasonable time
  • Supplied in easy to handle tube which keeps the rubber neat, clean and fresh
  • Lined with cloth and lightly dusted to keep fresh and protected (the dust does not interfere with the mould making)
  • See PDF's in category information for fact sheet and technical information
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