Rubber Mould Making

Rubber Mould Making

Castaldo Jewellery Moulding Rubber has been the industry standard for more than 40 years and continues to be the best jewellery moulding rubber available for lost wax jewellery casting.

Castaldo Gold Label® contains even more pure natural gum rubber, making it even softer and more pliable. Experienced mould-makers know that this compound’s superior qualities can save them substantially on labour costs when used for difficult moulds containing undercuts, where a stiffer mould would break delicate wax patterns or would make their production impossible altogether.

Castaldo Titanium Label jewellery moulding rubber packs, cuts, bends, flexes and stretches just like our standard White Label® and Gold Label® rubber. And because it is so hard it can be clamped at much higher pressures without mould distortion and injected at higher wax pressures and at lower wax temperatures. The combination of those factors means better detail and reduced wax pattern shrinkage

Castaldo White Label®, the less expensive and firmer of the three grades, has a high concentration of pure natural gum rubber, which makes it resilient and pliable, qualities that the experienced mould-maker values in his efforts to produce high-quality moulds in the shortest reasonable time.
All compounds are unique in consistently allowing one to cut with the knife, not ahead of it, a small but important detail that allows the mould maker complete control.

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Rubber Mould Making
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