Sievert Hose Failure Valves

Why use a hose failure valve? A hose failure valve improves safety by cutting off the gas flow in case of a hose rupture or some other major gas leak. The use of hose failure valves is especially recommended on long hoses. The hose connection rotate freely on the valve housing, which reduces the risk of the hose becoming entangled.
  • The hose-failure valve automatically shuts off the gas in the event of a ruptured hose
  • Press the button to reset
  • Maximum hose length 8 meters
  • Pressure: 4 bar 14kg/h – 1.5 bar 10 kg/h
  • POL or BSP (British standard Pipe) connection
  • Genuine Sievert product
Hoses & hose spare parts, regulators & hose failure safety valves can be used with any Sievert system (Promatic or Pro86/88)
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