Blow Torch (Gas) Systems

Blow Torch (Gas) Systems

Sievet heating tools for the professionals - The original since 1882

Welcome to Cousins Material House Sievert Flame Technology Range

  • Sievert is one of the worlds leading brand specialists in producing a broad range of high quality and reliable soldering and heating tools
  • Available are the Sievert Promatic, Pro 86 & Pro 88 systems
  • Sievert products run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), a safe and environmentally friendly source of energy
  • Sievert has endeavoured to be the market leader in manufacturing products of high quality and this is reflected in their status as being an ISO9001 certified company
  • Sievert are the world's best heating tools, the model of all imitations and expect only the best

Cousins Material House supplies the Promatic & the PRO86/88 range of Sievert products. Be aware of imitations as quality and health and safety can be compromised. Other copy makes may not fit with the genuine Sievert products we offer, therefore making it unsafe for the user. Why not create your own kit from the vast array of products available or simply purchase one of our ready made, specifically designed kits.

Regulators and hose fittings have left hand fittings; nozzles/burners have right hand fittings. Ensure to check the hosing regularly as old hosing needs to be changed frequently purely for health and safety. Place the cylinder in a safe place to avoid stepping on the hosing.

All Sievert products have their own unique numbering system making it easy identifiable.

Please note: LPG can reach temperatures of 1900°C, however our nozzles can only reach 1000°C, therefore this will not solder platinum or melt (please see the link below for platinum micro flame soldering machines)

How to get LPG:
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is available at your local stockist. It is best to source the gas locally as when the cylinder is empty it is easy to refill. On your first purchase suppliers ask for a deposit for the cylinder size of your choice, whilst the LPG is additional. Therefore, when the gas runs out simply return the cylinder and exchange for a new one, you will only pay for the LPG gas. Our Sievert kits come with hose failure safety valves that have a POL connection (a POL valve is a well known gas connection fitting used on LPG cylinders).
Blow Torch (Gas) Systems

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