Regula 34 (8 Day with Dancers & Brass Band)

Regula 34 - 8 Day Cuckoo Clock Movement - with Dancers & Brass Band
  • Cuckoo call and gong on the half hour and hour
  • Plate size: 78 x 85mm
  • Width between plates: 20mm
  • Pendulum length in brackets (pendulum length stamped on the movement)
  • A number or letter next to the calibre denotes the year of manufacture
  • Supplied with chains, hooks and rings
  • Plate for dancing figures & brass band (supplied separately)
  • Plate height 81mm (measured from hand shaft to the plate)
  • Made in Germany
Available separately:
  • For individual pairs of hands see references H4886 to H4893 inclusive
  • 1260g weights x 2: W1847
  • Night shut off parts: M49313, M49314 & M49315
  • Release lever Screw: S64948
The pendulum length is the measurement from the suspension post (top of the movement) down to the centre of the pendulum leaf.
Regula 34 (8 Day with Dancers & Brass Band)
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