Regula Movements & Parts

Regula Movements & Parts

Regula are one of the only two major cuckoo clock movement manufacturers left in the mystical Black Forest in Germany (the other being Hubert Herr) and have been manufacturing mechanical cuckoo movements for decades.

Regula recommend that replacing a cuckoo clock movement is often quicker and more cost effective than servicing or repairing an old one. Using a new movement ensures you take full advantage of the advances in manufacturing technology.

Regula state that their movements are ready to fit, however some lubrication may be required

Part sheets are available in our document download section. If you require a part please submit your request via our online support system, under "products & stock - New item requests (excluding watch and clock parts by brand & movements)". The clockwork model number, the year of manufacture and the pendulum length are all required to order spare parts. All these details can be found on the movement plates

The item weights displayed in the basket are the carrier's volumetric weights.
Regula Movements & Parts
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