Stone Setting Tools Including Burnishers

Gemstone setting as a craft has evolved through thousands of years of jewellery making. One of the most rewarding and intricate professions to develop from this diversification is that of the gemstone setter.

Gemstone setting and mounting techniques are used for fixing stones in items of jewellery. Mounting refers to the construction of the metal parts of jewellery, including the supports for the stones. The supports are called setting mounts or collets. Setting is the technique of easing metal over the stones to hold them in place.

A gemstone is kept in place by the adjacent metal, which prevents both sideways and up-and-down movements. The types of gemstone and the desired finish dictate the style of the setting, but, whatever the setting, there must be enough metal and adequate strength to secure the stone.

In the jewellery trade, mounting and setting are separate tasks, and both take time for beginners to master. The small pieces of metal used in these processes are initially difficult to handle, but the task soon becomes easier as the jewellers adjust to small-scale work.

We at CousinsUK have a very comprehensive range of hand tools and equipment perfect for the beginner as well as maintaining high standards for the professional setter.

Here on this page are some of the most popular tools used by our customers and click onto the links below to discover the ancient art of gemstone setting tooling.

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