Mills, Rolling

Mills, Rolling

  • Agile: Durston's low-cost mill range. They're lighter, with thinner frames & a traditional T-bar replaces the hand-wheel

  • DRM: The original & best selling rolling mills. Solid cast body, induction hardened rolls & highly calibrated adjustment wheel ensures a lifetime of rolling with professional results

  • Olivia: An industry first, patent pending rolling mill range with a 50 to 1 gear box, making rolling mills the easiest they have ever been to use

  • Value: Non branded rolling mills offering spectacular value for money with sturdy & reliable quality

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Durston Rolling Mills are known throughout the world as being of the highest quality and having strong, robust design and appearance. They are used by craftsmen in a wide variety of uses including gold and silversmithing, jewellery manufacturing, dental laboratories, colleges, research institutions, wire shaping and flattening, material marking and patterning and wherever there is a need to roll down metal.

Modern manufacturing methods together with the use of highest quality materials and specific analysis for the alloy roll steel provides for highly accurate machines with long life and minmal maintenance.

All machines have extension rolls as standard which are easily interchangeable with other patterns or D shapes which may be required.

Bearings are self lubricating and completely maintenance free. Calibrated discs are fitted to each machine for exact roll measurement. All machines have hard wearing helical driven gears for smooth operation and long life. The rolls are of the highest qulaity Swedish roll steel specially heat treated to Rockwell C scale 63 / 64 for maximum hardness.

Full service and operating instructions are supplied with each Rolling Mill.
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