Horotec Magtest

New, updated & improved!

An electronic device for the detection and elimination of magnetism

  • For detecting magnetism as well as demagnetising
  • Can be used with watches, watch parts, movements and tools
  • LCD screen shows the location and force of magnetism
  • Can also be used as a compass
  • 220 to 240 Volt (230 to 110 volt converter please see our code A52044)
  • See video link above
  • CE marked
  • Horotec Swiss
  • Horotec 19.910

  • Tester has 5 sensors, one in the middle of the detection zone, the other 4 forming a 1.5cm square around it
  • Will measure the force and location of magnetism
  • A dot on the LCD screen shows which sensor is displaying magnetism
  • The size of the dot displays the force of magnetism
  • If the screen displays magnetism without any magnetic objects present, zero set the tester

On button:
  • Single push: Will switch on the detector and demagnetiser. the single push will be followed 3 short beeps (the time in between each beep will determine the battery charge). A fully charged tester will have a gap of 0.5 seconds in between beeps
  • 2 seconds continuous push: Activates compass mode. The device can be used as a compass

Off button:
  • Single push: Zero sets the tester
  • 2 seconds continuous push: Checks battery life by playing the on/off beeps. Can also be checked via the symbol on the LCD screen
  • 3 seconds continuous push: Switches off the tester
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