Diamond Burrs

Diamond Burrs

  • Edenta diamond impregnated burrs are a world favourite for generations excellent high quality and very durable.
  • Cousins diamond impregnated burr sets also available singularly. Exceptional value, durable & long life usage.
  • Value diamond burrs give a super and smooth finish on metal, glass and stone. Several shapes and sizes organised in a plastic container.

A wide variety of sets and singular diamond burrs are available. Electroplated diamond particles are the ultimate material for all metal removing/texturing. Add a fine fantastic texturing effect on jewellery. When texturing with these burrs the unique diamond particles will transfer the effect onto the piece leaving the same glittering finish on the jewellery as is on the burr. i.e. The finish looks like glitter has been sprinkled onto the piece. This style is one of the most popular texturing effects in Asian Jewellery before the diamond milling process known as the Shubnum effect.

  • Grinds/smoothes away excess metal such as solder
  • Used in the glass, engraving and sculpture industry puts a misty / frosty effect on glass
  • 140/170 grits
  • Shanked body size Ø2.35mm or 3/32", which can be used in micromotors and standard quick release hand pieces, (making it easy to change burrs quickly and easily) as well as conventional chuck hand pieces
  • Are very popular with jewellers, silversmiths, watch makers/repairers, light engineers, model makers plastic fabricators and in arts and crafts
  • Can be used on a whole range of materials such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass, pewter, bronze, glass and aluminium
  • Finest quality for reliability, long life and satisfaction guaranteed

For glass engraving / texturing & reaming stones and beads, always use water as a lubricant with diamond tools / instruments. No lubrication required for texturing on metal.
Diamond Burrs
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