Testing Stars

Testing Plate (Star Wheel)

The gold test star is a gauge to determine the carat of unknown, unmarked gold items, by colour reference and by comparing acid test/touchstone reaction results.

  • The most efficient aid you will need to test gold
  • Use with our gold test solutions to determine objects gold content
  • Also useful for ensuring your acid gives the results it should (it has’t deteriorated in any way)
  • Bergeon Swiss has 4 points for yellow gold 9,14, 18 & 22 carat, 3 points for red gold 9, 14 & 18 carat & 1 point for white gold
  • Indian star has 5 points for yellow gold 10, 14, 18, 21 & 22 carat & 1 point for silver

Using the Touchstone and Test Star
1. Select the pointer you think the item you are testing matches (i.e. if you think it is a 9ct piece, compare it to the 9ct pointer)
2. This 9ct gold test pointer resembles a 9ct gold piece (meaning it is similar in colour and has a similar effect on the touchstone)
3. Scratch the pointer over the touchstone (don't scratch it with excessive force)
4. Now pick up the gold piece you want to test and scratch a part of it over the touchstone, right next to the scratch you made with the test pointer
5. Test both scratches with acid at the same time and watch the results. If they react in the same way, you know you have determined the carat of gold you were testing!
6. Refer to testing solution instruction for fluid reaction times and colours
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