Super Strength, Castaldo

Castaldo Super Strength
A superior quality medium hardness jewellery moulding rubber with extreme tear and tensile strength for every application including spirals, cores, cut-outs & plugs as well as for general purpose use.
  • Castaldo Super High Strength
  • 5lb (2.27Kg) box of ready cut strips
  • Extreme tear & tensile strength
  • For every application including spirals, cores, cut outs & plugs
  • Can be combined with Econo-Sil for additional stiffness or on the inside for additional stability
  • Tan colour with special release paper on both sides
  • See PDF's above for fact sheet and technical information
  • Castaldo
  • Shore A Hardness: 38 to 40
  • Vulcanizes at: 165°C to 176°C
  • Rubber shrinkage: 2.3%
  • Elongation before break: 667%
  • Each strip is 73 x 455 x 3.2mm (width x length x thickness)
  • 5lbs box
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