Single Spindle (Variable Speed), Bergeon

Brand new, updated Bergeon Swiss variable speed polishing motor.
  • Bergeon 7324-SPB-84S1
  • Maintenance-free polishing motor, most powerful motor in its class
  • Extremely smooth operation with optimal torque
  • Generous armrest to eliminate tiredness while working
  • Bright, glare-free workspace lighting using high power LED technology
  • Excellent suction via optimized, loss-free direction of air flow
  • Highly efficient triple filter system with >90% filtration of particulate matter
  • Hood can be opened and swung back completely from the polishing area (for large work pieces)
  • Dust collection tray
  • With polishing spindle
  • Constructed of high class, machined steel
  • With a double saftey pedal
  • 100 to 3000 RPM (Variable)
  • Extractor fan with 2 filters
  • Powerful ½ horse power (HP)
  • Lighting: 4x 9 LEDs of 1,600 Lumen
  • Ø160mm mop maximum
  • 230 Volt
  • 460 x 370 x 460mm
  • 29Kg
Single Spindle (Variable Speed), Bergeon
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