Sheet & Wire Bender, Durston (11 Dies)

The bigger brother of the already established Durston sheet & wire bender. It has 11 dies (plus 11 more matching delrin dies), four additional round sizes, making it the most comprehensive full set on the market!
A high quality tool, manufactured by Durston, that allows you to bend and shape metal sheet or wire with total ease.
How to use:
  • Simply remove the tool from the storage base
  • Insert desired size & shape dies
  • Use the spring loaded cam operated lever to bend your metal to desired shape
  • Excellent for creating ring shanks
  • 11 sets of dies (9 round, 1 square & 1 rhombus)
  • Die sizes: Ø8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 22mm, 90° & 60° & 30° (60° & 30° are the same die)
  • Dies are hardened and polished steel
  • Round, 90°, 60° & 30° angles all possible
  • Each round die has a radiused edge to minimise any damage to the material being formed
  • This ring bender will bend material up to 2mm thick
  • Also includes matching delrin dies for all sizes (another 11 pieces!)
  • Superior quality, precision engineering
  • Dies line up perfectly together
  • The tool is housed in the bottom tray, with the dies stored in the top tray
  • The top tray can be swung out the way, to use the tool in whilst in the bottom tray, or the tool can be removed and securely fastened to your bench
  • Unique gearing system makes bending effortless
  • All supplied compact storage & transportation metal case
  • Durston 1313
  • Made in UK
  • 7Kg
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